My husband and I are fortunate enough to live in one of the nicest regions on the East Coast, the Greater Appalachian Valley. Technically speaking, the Great Valley is a gigantic chain of valley lowlands that follows the Appalachian Mountains, paralleling the East Coast from Maine down into Alabama.

Our home base is currently Warrenton, Virginia, not too far from Washington, DC. But far enough that we are not in the heavily populated Northern Virginia madness. We moved here from Central Maryland on October 1, 2011. Why? We lived pretty much smack in the middle of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. It’s crowded. There’s lots of traffic. Drivers are rude in general, which makes driving a car dangerous much less riding a motorcycle.

Of course, we also have a small house in West Virginia, which we built ourselves. Literally. It’s not crowded at all and most roads have very little traffic compared to what we experienced around our Maryland home. I’m not sure if drivers are more courteous or just more aware of motorcycles in general. But motorcycle riding in West Virginia is phenomenal. And we are very much looking forward to discovering all the great roads around our new hometown.

It’s because we love riding around West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania so much that I decided to start this Blog and Web site. My husband and I have spent many years driving our cars and/or riding our motorcycles throughout the Greater Appalachian Valley region. On our motorcycles, we have covered wide areas in and around Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia, so those are the states that will be my initial focus.

Our preferred mode of travel while touring is a motorcycle, but folks in cars can enjoy these drives, too. In fact, some of the routes are best enjoyed on four wheels as not all of the roads are paved. There are certain times of the year, too, (winter!) where motorcycle travel is impossible or at least extremely uncomfortable. It does tend to get pretty cold in these parts after all.

Through this Blog, I will share our experiences and describe the routes we have taken so you, too, can enjoy the amazing beauty this area has to offer. I’ll also provide links to information others have compiled before me so you get the complete picture all in one spot.

This Blog is just the beginning. It’s just one portion of a Web site that will also include information on places to stay as well as places to eat. This will help you plan day trips of varying length as well as whole weekends and even entire weeks exploring this awesome land. Periodically, I may even offer guided tours for those who are interested.

I’m very glad that you have decided to join me. Please be sure to share this Blog address with all of your like-minded, traveling friends:

The more the merrier, right? Besides, keeping great information like I’ll be providing all to yourself might be considered downright selfish.

I also recommend that you become an Appalachian Tours follower. That way, you won’t miss out on anything. Some of the information I post may be time-sensitive, especially during the Spring and Fall when I am sure to provide you detailed foliage-related routes.

Thanks for joining me. I look forward to providing you with the keys you’ll need to unlock the hidden beauty and largely undiscovered joys of this great region.

Until later, I wish you happy and safe travels.

Kathy and Mike (aka ToadMama and Hubby)