Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Valparola Pass Ride-along

Hi there.

Have you been enjoying the pictures so far?

Ready for that video ride along I have been promising you?

The video is sort of long. I did edit it down some, but there's so much cool scenery, I didn't want to cut too much out.

If you saw yesterday's post, you saw still photos shot during a rest break at Falzarego Pass. This video starts at Falzarego Pass and takes us across Valparola Pass, which looks a bit like a moonscape, and then toward Gardena Pass.

Let me know if it was too long. I have another similar video to share.



Trobairitz said...

Cool. Thanks for the ride along. It was a long video but I don't think it was too long considering I was surprised when it ended.

The video really puts the ride and hairpins into perspective. Freaky seeing the big yellow bug go around that one corner.

Thanks again Kathy.

bob skoot said...


finally I had a chance to view your video. I don't have the codec at work to see it

those are narrow roads over there with no shoulders. Being on your shoulder was like I was with you. I got ansi twice as you were left behind, and then when I thought you should have passed, then that Yellow bus came around the corner, so lucky thing you held back

sure is beautiful scenery there. I imagine it was hard to concentrate on the road when you were trying to look all over the place

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Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Bob, glad you enjoyed watching. Passing was tricky at times. And the roads are definitely narrow. It took every bit of concentration and patience. I didn't always exercise the proper patience, but it was a learning experience. :-)