Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where in the World?

Yes, I have been absent from this blog for quite some time. After losing my Mom unexpectedly on August 19, life got a bit crazy. Hence the extended absence.

I wrestled with myself quite a bit about whether or not I should cancel our vacation, which had been scheduled for a September 1 departure. I finally decided we should go.

So, we are in Italy. We spent five days motorcycling through Switzerland (day 1) and Northern Italy (days 2-5). I enjoyed it as much as one could considering all that's happened.

I have lots of adventures to talk about, quite a few pictures, and even a couple of cool videos.

St. Bernardino Pass in Switzerland
We are now with our favorite traveling companions, ensconced in a gorgeous little house about an hour outside of Venice.

It's awesome. We sure miss our dogs, though, who are keeping the house sitters quite entertained in our absence.

More to come later.

I hope all is well with all of you!


Trobairitz said...

Hooray for your vacation. I didn't know when you were heading out. So exciting to think you are toodling around Europe right now.

Can't wait to see and hear all the details.

SonjaM said...

Kathy, I am so sorry for your loss. I remember when we lost a loved one a while ago we also were on the fence of going on vacation or staying put. And we decided to travel. What good would it have done staying at home?

I wish you a wonderful time in 'my old backyard'. Italy... where life is being enjoyed with all senses.

Shybiker said...

Don't apologize for the absence. We knew you were mourning your loss. It takes time to come to grips with that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I know how that feels.

Hope you're enjoying your travels!

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Brandy, the motorcycling portion is done, but the Dolomites were fabulous. I thought Austria, Switzerland, and what little we saw of Italy on our last tour were pretty, but the Dolomites and Northern Italy in general make them pale in comparison. This country is amazing. I have lots and lots of pics to share when we get back.

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Sonja, "where life is being enjoyed with all senses" is a great way to describe Italy. It is a beautiful and fun place to be.

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

ShyB, I didn't mention Mom's passing on this blog previously, so this post was more of a "this is why I have been away" than an apology. It will be a long time before I come to grips with that one. It is still hard to believe she is gone.

Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

P, Northern Italy is Mecca for motorcyclists. Five days of that topped off with a week seeing sights with friends is a great way to spend a vacation. :-)

Trace4J said...

So glad you are having a good time.
Can't wait to see all your photos.
You are missed.
Love ya Girlfriend!

Fuzzy said...

I'm glad you decided to go. I'm sure it was actually good for you.

Can't wait to hear all about it!

Deb said...

I am so sorry to hear about you losing your mom.

I think it's good you all went on your trip.

Been missing you here on the boards and look forward to seeing photos and hearing about your adventures!

Patricia Carpenter said...

yes, it is hard to lose a parent...:-(. Sorry to hear this, but glad that you made the decision to continue on with you own life. Looking forward to your Ride Report from your vacation.

Ride Safe

bobskoot said...


Welcome Back ! we missed you.

I'm thinking that you are back home now, back from travelling the world.

now to hear about your travels . . .

Riding the Wet Coast
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Kathy Kirkpatrick said...

Yep, home and with my head and heart a bit more balanced. I hope to get a post up tonight.