Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well-timed Ride

I guess it was around 2:00 or so on Saturday when I left Skyline Drive and headed for home.

Flowery meadow under passing clouds.

On the way to the Drive, I'd intended to shoot video. Alas, as I am still getting the hang of this helmet cam, I shot pics instead. Which was okay. Except I wanted y'all to see Thornton Gap.

Lucky for you I rode the Drive back north. AND I remembered to start the video.

It's nothing super-exciting. Just a leisurely ride down the mountain. I was pleasantly surprised that there was so little traffic. I mean, it was midday on a Summer Saturday. And US-211 is one of the few routes across the mountains for all traffic.

I was lucky not to encounter any vehicles until I was almost at the bottom of the run.

The road at Thornton Gap is notoriously dangerous.

You can't see the sign in the video. It says, MOTORCYCLISTS High Crash Area Next 3 Miles.

If you watch the video you'll see that it doesn't look particularly dangerous. What gets folks, I think, are the decreasing radius turns. They catch people unaware. In a decreasing-radius curve, the curvature gets tighter as you go. They're challenging because you have to continuously increase steering pressure and lean throughout the curve. Many riders get freaked when they enter too fast and are then surprised when they have to turn and lean harder.

I've been that way many times and am aware of the danger. So I just take it easy and have fun. 

I hope you enjoy the virtual ride.


Trobairitz said...

Great road with nice smooth pavement. I can see how it would be a favorite with motorcyclists.

We have a lot of decreasing radius turns around here too and I think it surprises some riders that are riding a little too quick.

bobskoot said...


I didn't notice any decreasing radius curves, but I was following your most excellent "lines", and I liked your double head checks at the beginning. It looked like a pleasant road

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SonjaM said...

Thanks for sharing this beautiful stretch of road with us. What a an excellent quality of the tarmac and such nice wide turns, looks like a great way for somebody who wants to lose his/her training wheels.

ToadMama said...

I don't know if there really are decreasing radius turns or not. It is a nice, smooth road. I don't find it particularly challenging, but there are lots of accidents there. Maybe the road isn't tilted enough? Eh, who knows. It is a decent little stretch of road, though. And thanks for commenting on my lines, Bob. I work hard at keeping those in shape. :-)