Friday, August 3, 2012

Emotional Rollercoaster

I was very excited the other day to buy some ground beef at the local farmers' market. I'm a big proponent of buying local. I've been getting veggies there for a while, but never beef.

Note to my vegan followers... some of these images may be disturbing.

When I saw the beef guy at the market on Wednesday, I remembered that I hadn't bought enough ground beef at the supermarket during my shopping expedition earlier in the week.

That's when I figured what the hey. I'd give the local beef a try.

It was exciting.

Okay, maybe not jump-up-and-down euphoria, but I felt good about it.

I was happy to support the local farmer.

And the meat, as evidenced by these raw burgers, looked pretty good.

Then, last night as I was preparing dinner, it hit me.

It was local meat. You know, from land nearby.

Which meant that it could have come from one of these...

You know, my friends.

The animals I like to stop and commune with periodically.

I was momentarily horrified. Even speechless.

I was also hungry, so I kept cooking.

That's when the next epiphany hit.

Those local cows are all DAIRY cows...
Not hamburger cows.

All was well in my world once more.

Now, that dairy part may not be entirely true.

But you know what?

Those were some darn good hamburgers.


Shybiker said...

This isn't the appropriate time and place for a discussion on animal rights, but I'm impressed by your mere mention of the connection between our food and its source. The subject is complex, profound, nuanced and often sad. It was a concern for animal welfare that led me to become a vegetarian for 20 years. Let's explore this topic when we meet in person sometime -- while we watch Rachael gobble down a steak. :)

ToadMama said...

The animal rights subject is certainly everything you said. You were a vegetarian for TWENTY years!?! And slight correction... while you watch Rachel and me gobble down steaks or some other similarly decadent animal product. Preferably something sort of spicy and slathered in cheese!

Fuzzy said...

Oh, right. I see. The chubby girl has to be eating the steak


ToadMama said...

Fuzzy, once we meet in person and you see that I dwarf you, you won't feel chubby at all. It's all relative. And always remember, it's girls like us with skin on our bones who have the most fun!

bluekat said...

I'm not really convinced those are all dairy cattle, but I won't be the one to burst you bubble. :)

My family raised our own beef and it was much better than what could be purchased in stores. That being said, I'm not a big meat eater. Didn't care much for it as a kid, and still prefer it as a garnish to the rest of my meal rather than the star attraction.

Oh and one time my aunt made friends with one of the calves they were raising. It was butchered in due time, but she never could eat that beef. I don't know how she kept track of which packages were from that cow. :\

bobskoot said...


MMMMM, hamburgers with cheese and CORN with butter. MMMMMM Can't wait to meet you. I also feel sad for the cows, but they were born to be eaten. It's not like you see cows in the wild, or chickens either.

we have cut down our red meat consumption drastically. While it tastes good it's not good for you, but perhaps in moderation it is okay.

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SonjaM said...

While I stick to my vegan diet I am not opposed to good meat, especially when it's grown locally. Nothing wrong with a good steak on the barbie, I still find the smell mouthwatering.

Dar said...

Kathy - I'm sorry, but your pictures had me giggling. I tried to go vegan, but it only left me craving steak. I guess I am a meatatarian. I agree with you about girls with a little skin on their bones having more fun & when you are motor biking dirt or street & tumble it gives you a little more protection for you bones.

I saw something on tv about plants feeling pain, I think it was on the Discovery channel and the plants emit almost like a scream. So it seems everything on the food chain poses ethical issues.

ToadMama said...

Bluekat, it was a very thin, imaginary bubble.

Bob, picturing cows in the wild just made me giggle. Imagine walking through the woods in fear of encountering a cow! I would stop for a picture. :-) We don't eat red meat more than about once or twice a week usually.

ToadMama said...

Sonja, hard to resist anything when grilled on the barbie! Dar, plants screaming? Yikes.