Thursday, July 19, 2012

Up to the Challenge

Dar, aka Princess Scooterpie, threw down a blog challenge the other day. Or, as she called it, a mini-challenge. She said, "Post a picture of your favorite non-motorcycle/scooter shoes & one of your motorcycle/scooter boots/shoes."

At first, I wasn't going to participate. I mean, my assortment of footwear is nothing to brag about. Trust me.

It's been interesting seeing the different footwear fellow blogger/riders have chosen. First was Bobskoot's not-so-serious entry. Fuzzy gets kudos for the most-creative assortment. Pamela at Helmet or Heels gets the nod for following instructions most closely. Brandy at Trobairitz' Tablet had a pretty eclectic assortment.

After seeing what everyone else had in their closet, I figured it's only fair if I share, too. No matter how boring. So, here you go...

My Entire Shoe Collection
Don't laugh. That really is my entire collection of shoes. Except for maybe a pair of slippers that aren't shown. I only own about 15 pairs of shoes. Sad, right? And my Hubby calls this a lot. I keep telling him he is clueless.

My favorites and riding boots are out in front. Here's a closer look.

The sandals in the front row are my favorite warm-weather shoes. Although I am usually barefoot or wearing socks around the house, when I do wear shoes, it's the blue Keens I wear most. As if you couldn't tell just by looking at them (they're a bit dirty). They are more-rugged than the brown sandals beside them, but I love them both.

In the back row, on the left, are my absolute favorite pair of sneakers. They are Adidas Samba soccer shoes. Which I actually did buy for playing indoor soccer. They are the most comfortable shoes I think I have ever owned. They conform perfectly to my feet. The tongue is a bit tall, which is good for soccer, but not so good for just strolling. They look sort of silly with shorts, because of the tongue thing, so I only wear them with long pants. Unless, of course, I am actually playing soccer, then shorts would be just fine. I don't even know if there are adult soccer leagues in this area, but then I am so out of shape, I'd probably have a heart attack if I tried to play again...

Back row, middle, are my Columbia hiking shoes. Not that I hike all that much. But, when I do, those are the perfect shoes for it. I've worn Timberland boots for years, which I absolutely LOVE. I couldn't find a shoe I liked (or that was in my price range) in that brand, so I went with Columbia. I've been perfectly happy with them, too.

Back row on the far right are my Vega riding boots. If I'm being honest, I selected them because they were the most reasonably priced. They suit me just fine. I haven't tested the waterproof aspect of them. (I haven't really tested any of my gear in the rain.) I don't love them or hate them. They're just functional boots to me. Although they could fit a little more tightly around the ankle, they'll do.

One of these days, we'll get a nice long, steady rain (as opposed to torrential thunderstorm) so I can don the gear and see how dry I stay. I'd really like to do that before we head to Italy so I know whether or not I need to pack a separate rain suit. I'll let you know...

Finally, here's a totally unrelated shot.

Meg was waiting patiently for me while I was in the closet photographing my footwear. Doesn't she look cute laying there? I tried to get the other girls to get in a bed, too, but they were convinced I was going to take them for a walk and didn't want to sit still.

Speaking of which, I think I will take them for a walk. It's too early to start working, and I think this post is complete. 


Deb said...

Too bizarre...your shoe collection is almost identical to mine! LOL

Good to know "I am not alone"!

I will pull mine out and post later on, and you will find out that "some people" (aka me) wear their shoes out "way past their time".

But that's when they start feeling the best, I guess as they mold into the shape of my feet.

BTW, what, no Crocs? LOL

Trobairitz said...

Ahhh your shoes look so comfy. My favorite type. If I was honest I'd get rid of at least half of mine because I don't wear them, but I keep thinking someday I might so I hang on to them. This may prompt me to get rid of some.

Love your patient poochie too.

Dar said...

Your hubby needs to visit my closet - my hubby always asks why I need 10 pairs of black shoes? I always respond "Because I do, I'm a girl silly." He then rolls his eyes. Your shoe area is very tidy compared to my jumbled up mess of a collection.

Your doggis looks so cute patiently waiting for you to finish! Thanks for playing along.

Fuzzy said...

Do you think our shoe collections speak about our personalities overall? I tend to think so.

We don't talk about my shoes in this house. Of course when your other half probably has 20 pairs of his own shoes, it helps. :)