Monday, July 23, 2012

Travel Preparations

I can't believe Summer is flying by so quickly.

I mean, jeez, it doesn't seem like that long ago that we were all wishing for warmer riding weather. Now all we can do is hope for cooler temps!

Hubby and I are really getting excited about our trip to Europe. That, too, will be here and gone before we know it. So I guess I'd better kick the planning into high gear.

I reserved rental motorcycles months ago. But other than that have only been planning here and there. But nothing serious. No real itinerary. No accommodations. No nothing. For the first half of the vacation anyway. Once we return the bikes, we'll be picked up by our favorite traveling companions (Belgian friends Annelies and Yves). The next week will be spent with them in and around Venice. Followed by a day or two with some other mutual friends, Tammi and Martin, in Switzerland.
We're getting quite excited. Even though it is still a couple of months away.

Hubby actually went online and got the info we needed to register for our International Driver's Permit. And, after hearing me bitch about the cost of obtaining passport photos -- $10 per person for two 2" x 2" images -- he found a place on-line to get free passport photos. He found a couple of places, but the one we used was

At first glance, it looks like you have to pay there, too. But if you read the small print, you'll see that you can print or download a copy of the image, which is actually just a 4x6 print that includes four identical photos of each person. Put them on a memory stick like I did and take them to CVS or some other cheapo photo printer and you can get four images in one print for $0.29. So, for $0.61 (including tax), we each had two photos to send with our application and two in reserve for future use.

Did you know that Americans driving more than 50 miles into Canada are supposed to have an International Driver's Permit? I didn't. Not that I have ever driven that far into Canada, but one day I just might.

We have some other little trips coming up, too. Just no real bike trips planned. Not yet, anyway. Except for a trip to or at least toward New York I have planned for early Fall. About which I am also very excited.

Anyhoo... the next week or so will be pretty busy for me. So if you don't see me 'round, don't worry. I'll tell you all about what we've been up to later.


SonjaM said...

I am excited for you. I haven't done a motorcycle trip in Europe since 1998...

What bikes did you rent?

Deb said...

I hope you guys have a blast! I know you will!

Years ago (many, believe me) I live in Germany and our little family traveled through Italy one summer in a VW bus and camped.

I never forgot that experience. I am sure that many of those places have changed very little.

Things you mention, Passport, International Driver's license, rent a machine (in my case a scooter) are things I would need to know if I ever got to tour Canada and go over to the the UK, both lifelong dreams.

Isn't the Internet wonderful? We can learn all that at our fingertips!

Hey, I'm a pet sitter...send your doggies over here and I will watch them for you! LOL

Enjoy and we'll miss you!

Dar said...

Sounds so exciting. Europe oh how I wish! Looking forward to pictures!

ToadMama said...

Sonja, we rented the BMW F650GS. Original, eh? It was our first trip to Europe where we rented the same things (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy) that convinced us we had to have those bikes. They did great in the mountains. Plus, why risk falling in love with a different bike.? :-)

ToadMama said...

Deb, thanks for the pet sitting offer! I'm sure Italy, at least the countryside, is exactly as you remember it. I'll have lots of pics to share upon our return.

ToadMama said...

Dar, it's a great place to ride. I'll definitely have plenty of pics.

Brady Steffl said...

Hey, I know a guy with an F650GS! (Me.)

I love that machine, it's a really superb piece of machinery. Maybe a little light, but Europe is all about sub-liter riding. The roads just aren't big enough, long enough, or straight enough to do much more. Unless you're in Germany - but they'll ride anything on the Autobahn. I saw a guy on a 50cc scooter once. That was something.

Behind Bars

Deb said...

Rome is "The Eternal City" but I'm guessing it will only have more cats living it the Coliseum! Meow!

Trobairitz said...

Wow, cheap pics off the interweb, amazing what you can find.

You guys are going to have so much fun. I can't wait to see al the pics you will be taking and reading your ride reports.

Fuzzy said...

I'm excited for you two :)

It'll be interesting to know which way you prefer your trip guided vs. winging it on your own.

exciting times!