Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tick-eating Machines

If you read my post that mentioned ticks the other day, you may have noticed my girlfriend  Tracey's comment saying I need a guinea hen.

Know what that is?

I'm betting most of you don't, so I thought I'd post a picture for you.

I took that a couple of years ago when Tracey had a small flock of guineas. She got them specifically because they are known to eat ticks. When she and her Hubby moved into their newly built house situated in the middle of what once was a large, grassy field, she said the ticks were so bad you'd see them crawling up the windows and around inside the house.


But then she got the guinea hens who quickly got the tick population under control.

They are goofy looking things, but I bet you can't help but smile at their beautiful weirdness.


Deb said...

Wow! Getting a few of these on my property might be worth looking into!

Assuming they'd stay around and not wander off into the woods...

Trace4J said...

I have four new guinea babies.
I had more but sadly they got out.
But Spike is so excited to have four new guinea babies. They follow him everywhere when they got loose. I am keeping them confined for another few weeks.
They are truly tick machines and so much fun. :)

Deb said...

What do they eat and do they need a coop built for them or do they just live out in the yard and woods?