Monday, July 16, 2012

Scenic Route to Lunch

Saturday marked twenty-eight days since our last ride.

Yep, four weeks!

One weekend, I was in Philadelphia. The other  two weekends were just too darn hot.

Fortunately, things cooled down. Of course, it is Summer, so that cooling didn't last for long.

The good news is, we did manage to get a ride in on Saturday. It was sticky, but tolerable. Unlike Sunday. But I'm getting ahead of myself... 

I even made Hubby take a picture of me before we set off. You know, before helmet head.

That's my special "look where I am pose," which I have perfected with one of my friends who has become a regular travel companion.

And, look, there I am at our first stop. It was not a planned stop. What you can't see behind me is the forest road that I did not realize was closed to motorized vehicles.

On Google maps it looks like a road. It even has a name... Berry Hollow Road.

Now, I'd used the DeLORME Virginia Gazetteer, to plan the route, too. But I missed the thin, little, black bar across the road. Which I saw after we got home. At least now I know to look for those bars when in doubt about any roads...

There's Hubby, checking out the map.

And, look, here I am again. Three pics in one post.

That huge rock was saying "climb on me" so loudly that I just couldn't resist.

It was actually a pleasant break. I'd packed some water, so we had a drink and cooled off a bit.

We were both pretty hungry and didn't hang out too long.

We back-tracked a bit then went on our way. The next stop, planned this time, was Griffin Tavern & Restaurant in Flint Hill, Virginia.

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I'd seen the place before. It looked pretty cute. I even remembered hearing someone (no idea who) say once that they have good burgers.

Porch at Griffin Tavern & Restaurant
If it hadn't been so humid, the porch would have been a great place to eat. But it was humid. So we went inside.

By that point, we were both pretty hungry. So hungry, that I forgot to take a picture of my food to share with y'all. Which is a shame. It was fabulous. Grilled Flank Steak and provolone cheese with sauteed chunks of onions and mushrooms, served on Ciabatta. With awesome hand-cut, expertly prepared french fries.

Hubby's Fish & Chips

Hubby opted for fish and chips, which he was also quite happy with.

Even the iced tea was really good.

We're both ready to go back.

Flags at Griffin Tavern

If only it were a bit closer to home.

I'd like to return when it's a bit cooler so we can enjoy lunch on that lovely porch.

I don't think that will be a problem. Especially since it sits virtually at the foot of one of my favorite roads... Crest Hill Road.

I even managed to figure out how to get my helmet cam to take pictures instead of videos. Now I just need to get the angle adjusted properly so you don't see quite so much of my windshield.

I have a question. Please answer honestly. Is that slide show too long? It's hard to whittle the pics down. I only shared about 10% of them, and I only did that because they show how varied the scenery can be.

One more question... Would you prefer the slide show without music? To me, the show seems interminably long without the music.

I'd love to hear your honest opinion. Thanks. :-)


Shybiker said...

You look so little on that rock. Which is surprising because, when I think of you, I see how big and strong you are.

The slideshow isn't too long. I enjoy seeing your pictures and more is always better. The music is fun, too.

Deb said...

A nice ride in the country to lunch! Wonderful time!

I would love to scoot over to that inn and sit on the front porch with a glass of sweet tea and chat with ya'll!

What a beautiful setting!

Great post! Glad you guys finally got out to ride. Nothing worse than being stuck in the house due to the heat!

Trobairitz said...

First I have to say I love seeing the pics of you in the post.

It looks like a great day out with hubby. I am glad it was cooler.

I think the slideshow was a great length. I find anything under 4-5 minutes is just fine for me to watch. And I enjoy the music too. If I am at work sometimes I will listen to it without the sound, but for the most part I like tunes added. Just my two cents

Thanks again for sharing.

Joe Popp said...

Great post! I like the slide show but don't care for the music. Just personal taste as I prefer classic rock. Or as we used to call it in the old days: ROCK. Good stuff!

Brady Steffl said...

I was enjoying your post until you posted the fish and chips. Dear god does that look good. I'm so distracted I'm not sure what to do with myself. My stomach turned upside down. I hate frying fish in the house cause of the smell. I might be eating out tonight.

I almost forgot to say that your photos are reminiscent of a life I used to have and make me... not so nostalgic as longing. You know, kansas doesn't have the same roads.


ToadMama said...

ShyB, you're so sweet.

ToadMama said...

Deb, even their iced tea was delicious. Very fresh. There's nothing worse than stale-tasting tea. Though I'm not a fan of sweet tea. That's my northern roots showing...

ToadMama said...

Brandy, thanks for the feedback. I mute stuff, too, depending on where I'm watching. But I prefer slideshows and video with sound. And it was a lovely day.

ToadMama said...

Brady, sorry about making you hungry! I hate frying fish in the house, too. Frying anything, really, but fish especially. It just stinks, but sure tastes good! I can imagine Kansas is pretty flat and straight. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy some cool, rolling twisties soon.

SonjaM said...

I have a short attention span, so everything under 3 minutes slide show is ok, and yes with music please. Especially when it's well picked to enhance the visual experience.
You certainly live in a gorgeous area, don't you ever get traffic?

ToadMama said...

Joe, I was never a fan of a lot of classic rock. I do lock some rock, but my favorite riding and driving music is club music. I think it's the beat. Every now and then I'll load my MP3 player with rock, but I get tired of listening to it quickly. Weird. I do try to use the less-offensive stuff as video music, knowing personal preferences do differ. Glad to know you can still enjoy the pics despite all that. :-)