Monday, July 9, 2012

Romney Lost Its Touch

After Hubby's depressing visit to the WV Place last weekend (to check for storm damage), we decided we really needed to get out there to spruce things up.

When we arrived at that decision, we weren't planning on going soon. Just agreeing it was something we had to do. Then, when we saw the forecast for more hot weather this weekend, we figured we might as well just go out there and clean. It's not like we were going to want to do anything fun (like riding!) with it being so hot.

Saturday's actual air temperature reached 103. The heat index (what it feels like when you factor in the humidity) was higher. It was hot, but we have A/C. Thank goodness. And some of what we had to do outside required power-washing. So we were sort of working in a giant cloud of mist, which helps cool things down a bit.

Besides, we're not dumb. We alternated indoor and outdoor tasks and drank plenty of fluids so we didn't overheat.

I spent most of my time indoors. Cleaning. Except for when I went outside to take pictures. Just like the old days when we built the place, I figured I should document the facelift process.

I helped power-wash the back patio. It needed it. BAD.

Hubby did most of the work. I guess I did about a third of it.

A Very Yucky Patio

But remember, I was doing the indoor cleaning. And I had to drive into town for food and stuff. Plus make lunch when I got back. It just appears that I didn't do anything because there are rarely pictures of me working.

One thing for sure, the dogs were very happy to be there. Thrilled, actually. We have just under six acres of wooded land they get to explore. I guess about three quarters of that is enclosed by an invisible fence.

In addition to the general cleaning and power washing, Hubby also repainted the trim around the front porch and back door. He mowed the grass a bit, too. Patched a crack in the cement. Sprayed and knocked down some wasp nests. And probably more stuff I can't think of at the moment.

But those things all made a huge difference. Now we have our cute little house in the woods again, instead of that abandoned-looking shack.

Anyone want to come for a visit?

I was VERY sad to discover that the Italian Touch restaurant, the only restaurant in town that we really like, closed. For good. Since we haven't been there for a while, I have no idea how long ago that happened. It's a shame, really. Their food was good. But in small towns like that, I guess it's hard to keep enough business to make a decent profit.

A cold front is moving through. Finally. Temps hit 103 yesterday (Saturday) and were very close to 100 when we left Romney around noon today. With such fronts come thunderstorms. A really strong one rolled through town around 4:00 this afternoon. And there's another line of storms moving through as I write this around 1:00 AM Sunday night/Monday morning (can't sleep). Hubby and I are both hopeful all of the paint he so painstakingly applied doesn't wash away.

We have good news, too. The heat wave may have broken. Temps aren't supposed to climb out of the 80s all week. 

I may actually be able to post a ride report one day soon. :-)


Dar said...

Busy days during summer heat are energy zappers, but I bet you feel like you have accomplished lots & it feels good!

Trobairitz said...

Wow, you two got a lot done. The place looks so nice.

I wanna come visit. Sure wish we got to take normal vacations but a few days is our max.

Glad your heat wave has ended. Normal temperatures make for much more pleasant riding. It was 90 yesterday or our ride and I can tell you my Rev'it Siren jacket does not have enough vents, lol.

bobskoot said...


I get HOT just reading about how hot it is where you are.

when it's too hot to ride, I don't. Luckily it doesn't get that hot here but it was very warm yesterday. I got burnt so now I have to wear a T-shirt to cover myself up, instead of my trademark tank tops.

Your place looks very nice. I think I could stay there for a while.

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