Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Natural Selections

I discovered a new moto-blogger recently. Thanks to FuzzyGalore, that super-cool moto-blogging diva who has a knack for finding the coolest stuff!

Anyway, his name is Joe Popp, and his blog is Tales of a Flying Brick. The "brick" being his 1988 BMW K75. Joe lives in NYC and did a post recently about re-discovering nature. He writes very well, by the way. His prose got me to thinking about nature.

One of the things I have always loved about our WV Place in the woods is watching the seasons change. Seeing all of the new growth emerge in the Spring. Watching the leaves slowly turn colors. Seeing the various critters, big and small.

I tend to take lots of pics of weird stuff, but I find little things in nature interesting.

Like spider poop ...

Spider Poop on the Doorknob
You know you have a spider issue when you start seeing dots like this. I don't know if it's poop in the true sense of the word, but it is definitely drops of stuff emitted by a spider. Apparently it is highly acidic and quite a problem at boat storage facilities as it eats right through gelcoat.

Tunnel Spider's Web

Speaking of spiders... look at that bad-ass-looking nest. That's an old table leg sticking out of our trash pile. One of those large and very mean-looking tunnel spiders took advantage of the opening and built his nest with the tunnel going down into the leg.

Okay, enough creepiness.

Here's a shot of two of our dogs walking on our driveway. There are weeds growing pretty tall on both sides. One weed in particular -- the red arrow is pointing at the top -- is about seven feet tall.

Lots of Tall Grass and Weeds

I have no idea what it is, but it's big.

It's hard to appreciate the size of the thing just looking at the photo. But I am a tall girl and still had to lean my head pretty far back to look up at the flower.

Bug-covered Flower

That's a close-up of part of the flower. The whole flower wouldn't fit in a frame. I thought the bugs looked pretty cool.

Pretty Butterfly

Who can resist a pretty butterfly? I wonder how it lost that chunk out of its ass end?

Back to grossness for a sec...

Check out K's trophy. It's an entire rear leg from a deer fawn with all of the meat and hair gone from the upper two-thirds of the limb. She didn't kill the deer. She just found the bone laying in the woods. It had been there for a while. How do I know? It absolutely reeked.

When a dog shows up with a prize like that, you can either let them have at it (which I can't imagine would be good for them) or take the bone away. Then the problem becomes what to do with the bone. You can't just toss it off into the woods, because they'll go find it again.

I usually hang their finds up high in a tree out of their reach. Hubby always thought that seemed silly. So, when I drove off to the store, he put it in our trashcan. In the garage. Upon my return, I noticed that the garage smelled strongly of death. Despite the fact that the lid was securely fastened onto the trashcan.

Hubby then moved the can outside. It still stunk, but at least it wasn't in an enclosed space. We usually truck the trash home with us. But that was way too foul-smelling, so we left it there with the lid off hoping the thing would dry out in our absence and the smell would go away. I guess we'll see...

Storms were forecast for Sunday afternoon. Because we left around noon, we missed having to drive through them. But they did hit our hometown. In a very weird way.

Looking at the weather radar, the main storm was just north of town.

Standing on my front porch, looking left, you could see it raining like Hell. Hard to tell in the picture, so you'll just have to trust me. It was raining so hard, that huge puddles were forming in the street. But only to the left.

The picture above was taken seconds after the previous shot. So close that the time stamp on both images is 3:35 PM. It's hardly raining at all there. In fact, you can see that the sidewalk is barely wet. Yet it had been POURING half a block away for at least five minutes. Yes, pouring.

That skinny little tree doesn't have a leaf canopy thick enough to keep the sidewalk dry. It just wasn't raining in that spot.

The sidewalk by our gate was pretty wet, but 15 feet or so away, it was almost dry. Weird, eh?

My last nature pic of the day had to feature a dog, right?

A Very Sleepy Belle

That's Belle, our youngest Brittany. Isn't she just the cutest? She's five, but has a very cute, puppyish face. She looks sort of mean there because I disturbed her slumber. Well, the flash did.

I thought you might appreciate my not ending this post with more unpleasantness.

Isn't nature grand?


Trobairitz said...

I never thought about those drops as being spider poop or even coming from spiders. Interesting.

We have a lot of spiders but they don't look as mean as that tunnel spider.

The flowers on the weed look pretty cool. I have no idea what it is though.

Funny what the dog dragged home. There is stink, then there is stank. Me thinks that thing had serious stank. Maybe something will find it and cart it off before you return.

Good idea taking it away from your dog. Less likely to get sick that way and then she wouldn't smell like it all the way home. Don't they like to snuggle when they get all nice and stinky?

Joe Popp said...

Thanks so much for the shout out ToadMama! Your blog is great. Watch out for Spiders and stingy things!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, sans the spider poop! LOL

If I lived closer I'd steal, I mean borrow, your cutie pie of a dog! She looks so loveable.