Monday, July 30, 2012

Just a Hint of Color for Now

I'm back.

Did you miss me?

Hubby and I just returned from a five-day excursion to San Diego. We went there to visit our eldest daughter, Shannon, who moved to San Diego last June.

It's about time we went out there, eh?

We were car-bound, but had a blast. Shannon played tour guide/hostess for the entire trip.

San Diego, aside from its well-known perfect weather, is a very fun, colorful, all-around gorgeous  place.

I'll share more pics later. We got home at 2:45 AM this morning. Not sure how long I'll be awake tonight!


bobskoot said...


You were only 4" south of us in Oregon. Too bad you couldn't have joined us, YES, even in your rental car.

Welcome home, now you need a vacation to recouperate

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Trobairitz said...

Of course we missed you.

I am glad you had fun. You got home so early this morning, I hope you are napping right now.

Fuzzy said...

You're one of the "voices" i have morning coffee to, so when you don't post - it throws my morning off. How could you be so selfish?! ;)

Looking forward to your pics & posts.

LOVE this street art!

ToadMama said...

Bob, y'all were a week or so too early for me. Besides, it was a short visit AND our first visit to SD since she moved in 2011. I'm pretty sure I can squeeze the 2014 event in. Of course, a lot can happen between now and then. But as things stand now, it looks good. :-)

ToadMama said...

Brandy, it's nice to be missed. :-)

No nap yet, but I am fading fast! It's almost 9:00 PM here. I can't sit still for too long or I'll be snoozing!

ToadMama said...

Sorry, Fuzzy. :-)

I love that street art, too. That's my favorite. I saw it on our first day, but the sun was behind it and the picture would have sucked. Funny thing is, I didn't even notice the monster shadows until Shannon pointed them out. We too a special walk just so I could capture that one. It's sort of "Where the Wild Things Are" meets Dr. Seuss. You would enjoy the neighborhood, too. Very colorful in every aspect of the word!

Dar said...

The street art would be perfect with a little motorcycle parked in front of it. Vacations are wonderful, but I usually need a vacation from my vacation.

ToadMama said...

Dar, that would be perfect to have a bike in the shot. Perhaps a little red Vespa? There are lots of those buzzing around SD. Not necessarily red, but lots of scooters. I am slowly recovering. :-)