Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm Melting!

Saturday was a little sticky. Sunday was downright hot. Really.

Hubby had some work to do around the house. I wanted to get out and ride. At least a little bit. I used adjusting the angle of my helmet cam as an excuse. But the truth is, I just didn't feel like doing anything else.

I did adjust the camera a bit. There's a fine line between too much windshield and too much sky. I may need to go upward a teeny bit more. What do y'all think?

Back to the ride. I did have a destination in mind. I was headed for the South Run Riding School in Nokesville, just 14 miles from my house. They were hosting a hunter series event.

Confused? The "riding" in this case refers to horses. It was yet another chapter in my quest to learn more about this area.

A "hunter series" is a type of horse show. I've been curious as to what that's all about. And since this one was relatively close to home, off I went.

It still amazes me how quickly town becomes country in these here parts. I was just about convinced I'd either passed the place or made a wrong turn when I came upon the place.

There were horses scattered about the facility, so I stopped just inside the gate to make sure it was safe to proceed. I didn't want to startle anyone.

Convinced that the coast was clear, I went on in and parked.

There's my helpful shadow putting that thingy under the kickstand to hold the bike up.

I had worn shorts and a t-shirt under the gear, so I removed the jacket, pants, and boots before heading over to watch the horses. There was not a lick of shade to be found. Not that I could take advantage of anyway.

I did an in-depth post with lots of pics on my personal blog if you're interested. I hate to post the same exact stuff here.

Here are a few of my favorite shots in case you don't feel like going to the other blog to see more...

I only stayed for about an hour, but I was baking in the sun the entire time. Of course, the bike was baking, too. So when I pulled the gear out of the black side cases it was nice and hot.

Nothing like donning hot gear when the body is already sweaty and overheated.

Did I mention that it was 93 degrees and very humid?

It felt good to get back on the road.

It's interesting to see how the roads are so much straighter on the east side of town as opposed to the west side of town. Warrenton pretty much sits in the middle of the Virginia Piedmont. To the east is the Atlantic Coastal Plain. To the west are the Appalachian foothills and mountains.

The roads are pretty straight, but at least they are still a little hilly.

I was really glad to get home. This next picture pretty much sums up how I felt by the time I got there.

Yes, it was that bad.

But a hot day on the bike is better than a cool day at home, right?

Um, maybe.

It wouldn't have been as bad if I hadn't baked at the horse and pony show for an hour.

Still. Come on cool weather!


bobskoot said...

Toad Kathy:

Quote: "I had worn shorts and a t-shirt under the gear, so I removed the jacket, pants, and boots before . . . "

you walked barefoot ? No mention of footwear.

I also put my gear into my empty sidecases, but when on a multi day tour, all the cases are full.

we have friends who have horses/barns, and they can ride on their own property.

Riding the Wet Coast
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ToadMama said...

Bob, you would pick up on the footgear (or lack thereof). I packed my sandals, too. :-)

It would be cool to be able to go riding recreationally, without having to pay for lessons by the hour. Perhaps I'll befriend a horse owner one day...

Trobairitz said...

Yikes. No relief in sight from the heat and humidity huh? Sure wish it would cool down for you soon.

Great pictures - as always. The sights and smells of a horse show. In the heat too.

I like the last pick too - even if you do seem a little wilted. Or is that steamy?

ToadMama said...

Brandy, it's funny that you mention smells. It didn't stink at all. Or smell particularly horsey. Even when the chick was sitting at the other end of the table with her pony.

And in that last shot I was steamy AND wilted. It was gross. It's supposed to cool off a bit in a few days. I think.

bobskoot said...

Toad Kathy:

While I didn't mention it earlier, all the time when I was reading about the horses, I was "smelling" them. I know what you mean about wilting in the heat. We are going into the furnace this weekend in Oregon.

it is cooling down here to a nice moderate temp of low 20s°C

Riding the Wet Coast
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ToadMama said...

Bob, I wish I could enjoy weather like that. It'll be back soon, I know. Have a safe trip to the furnace!