Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Our poor, beloved little WV Place is looking quite abandoned. And for good reason. We haven't spent any significant amount of time there in ages. I can't remember the last time we actually slept there.

We never even got around to Spring cleaning!

This new Virginia house of ours has stolen the spotlight. The WV Place was always our escape from suburban Hell. But now that we live in this cute little town, which just happens to be situated on the edge of the lovely Shenandoah Valley in Virginia's Piedmont region, there doesn't seem to be anything to escape from.

So our poor little house sits. Derelict. It's sort of sad.

Sure, we've thought about it. We just haven't felt overly driven to go there. Although I am sure the girls would love a prolonged visit.

By now, most of you have heard that a crazy storm blew through the Mid-Atlantic region late Friday night, wreaking complete havoc on the Washington, DC area. The area in which we happen to live.

Just so you have a better idea, of the storm's path and our locations, I created a graphic for you using an image found in the Washington Post.

The timeline is wrong. We got hit in VA around 10:30 PM. I think it hit DC around 11:00.

The red arrow points to the general location of our WV Place. You know, the one in the middle of the woods, surrounded by hundreds of trees? The blue arrow shows the approximate location of the VA house. Both were pretty much in the middle of the storm's path, but the VA house was spared.

We had no idea what things were like in WV. So on Saturday, when Hubby couldn't connect with the WV Place, we started to worry.

That's when he decided to drive out there on Sunday. He put the chain saw and spare gas in the truck and off he went. I was still catching up on work, so stayed home with the girls. Hubby didn't want to take them along in case there were trees down across the road preventing him from getting to the house.

When he arrived, all was well. Everything. We even had power. No DSL, which is why he couldn't communicate with the thermostat.

No storm damage. But the house is looking quite neglected.

Front Door

Resident Front Porch Spider

Back Porch

That back porch is desperately in need of power washing.

Back Door

That doggie door appears to be aching for use, too.

Bird Nest Over Kitchen Window

Birds even built a nest over one of the kitchen windows. Sheesh.

The nest was empty, so Hubby knocked it down. But look what a mess it made.

Bird Nest Mess

We're going to have to go visit soon. It'll be a working visit for sure. To do some cleaning, cleaning, and MORE cleaning.


Remember, I didn't go along. Hubby shot those pics for me. He did a good job, didn't he? It appears I have trained him well. I just love that Hubby of mine.


Trobairitz said...

Hubby did a great job taking pics.

I sure am glad you weathered the storm well. I have been worrying about all our blogging friends in the storms path.

Hope your weather cools off a bit soon.

Deb said...

So glad your properties were spared!

That map's timing is exact for my area. They said the wind was moving through southern Ohio at 65-70 mph average.

No tornadoes, just what they called "shear winds" which were erratic, intense gusts that came through and randomly destroyed this one, spared that one!