Friday, July 6, 2012

Daydream Believer

At times like this...

... daydreaming just might be the only way to ride.

Really. I have absolutely no desire to hop on the bike for a quick jaunt through the oven.

When Hubby asked if I wanted to go to the WV Place this weekend, I said we'd have to check the weather. After all, if it is going to be 80 degrees, I'd rather be riding than doing anything else. But that is not to be.

It's going to be slightly cooler in West Virginia, if you can describe a 101 degree day as "cool." 

Oh, well. If you saw my post the other day, you know our little house in the woods is sorely in need of attention.

And I know the girls will be absolutely thrilled to go for a visit. They all love it there, but it is, without a doubt, Meg's favorite place on Earth. I'll have to try and remember to get a quick video of her smiley face once we get there.

One bad thing about WV during summer is the ticks. The house is after all surrounded by woods. Unfortunately, due to the very mile winter we had, ticks are really bad this year. Having not spent much time there, I'm not sure how bad, but I guess we'll see.

I saw this absolutely horrifying picture on Facebook. It isn't Photoshopped. It's a real photo of an actual snake covered in ticks.

I posted the smallest image I could so as not to overwhelm you. It's from a reptile rescue facility in Australia.

If you have a morbid sense of curiosity like me, click on the picture for a larger view. But I warn you, it's sort of stomach-turning.

I never knew that snakes were susceptible to ticks. Apparently, when healthy, they can sort of slough them off. This guy had a fractured head or neck or something. Which made him spend way more time on the ground than usual and rendered him unable to rid himself of the ticks.

He was anesthetized so the parasites could be removed -- hundreds of them -- and as of April was doing well.

I feel sort of better knowing that's on a whole 'nother continent. But it still gives me the willies.

I'll be staying out of the woods for sure. And checking the girls carefully. Even though I keep them dosed with Frontline, I still have to be careful. Because the little buggers will ride into the house on them and then come stalking us humans. Ugh.

I'll be sure to let you know how the visit goes. I hope you all get to ride this weekend.


Deb said...

"Ticks"-a subject I know about with 6 dogs and living surrounded by woods!

7 years ago when we moved out here we'd scream when we saw one! I look back at that behavior now and just chuckle.

Frontline, Advantix, nothing works. I keep a set of needle nose pliers handy and clip all my dog's hair really short in the summer.

When I see one I attack the little b*&ta#d!!!

And nothing;s grosser than a "tick ball" on the floor as you stroll through the kitchen.

I cannot figure out why God would put ticks on the earth. Just disgusting!

And that poor snake!

Trace4J said...

Have fun in the woods.
Ticks are horrible this year.
You need a guniea hen. :)

ToadMama said...

Deb, I'll be sure to have some pliers handy.

Trace, wouldn't a Guinea Hen be fun to have in the woods? They're just so weirdly wonderful and goofy looking!

SonjaM said...

That poor snake. Ticks are the most appalling living things (well, some humans aside...). They serve no purpose and don't make any evolutonary sense.

We still have to wait for temps like this, but I am not unhappy with the low 20C's we get at the Pacific Westcoast.

Trobairitz said...

Ick, that poor snake. I didn't know they were susceptible to tics either.

We get some tics around here but I don't think they are that bad.

I can remember camping as a kid in the interior of BC and my mom having to remove one from the upper back of my step-dad. She always made sure we checked ourselves when we got home. Nasty little buggers.

ToadMama said...

Sonja, I don't "get" ticks either. Those temps sound pretty good right about now.

Brandy, ticks are horrible. And deer ticks are even worse than your run-of-the-mill dog ticks, because they are significantly smaller than dog ticks and very hard to spot. Oh, and they come with the added bonus of Lyme disease. Of course, the woods around the WV Place are full of deer!

bobskoot said...


I don't envy you with those HOT temperatures. It is very pleasant here, mid to low 20°C going up to near 30°C this weekend and even that is too hot for us. We are not used to it, LIKE YOU ARE.

go somewhere for an Ice Cream, or a Root Beer Float

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Brady Steffl said...

While the lovely photo you posted didn't make me out and out nauseous, it did put a cold shiver through my body. A mix of reptile and tick is about as oddly disgusting as things come.

As to motorcycling, I parked mine 10 days ago when we landed in Kansas and haven't touched it other than a pat on the seat in passing. Same boat: 101 degrees is too hot anywhere.

Behind Bars

Brenda said...

eek that's my continent! I have to say though in all my years living in Aus I've only ever come across a tick once on me and once on a pet dog. That poor snake, I'm glad he's been rescued and is getting better.