Friday, July 13, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I went for a ride yesterday! Yay.

I would be more excited if the ride were a bit longer.

Check out the ride map.

Yep, short and sweet. Six tenths of a mile in each direction!

I needed a haircut...

The weather for this weekend is looking good, though. So we may actually get a REAL ride in.

Fingers crossed!


Brady Steffl said...


I hope the helmet didn't have an impact on the outcome. Otherwise, keep wearing the helmet.

I'll admit you've ridden further than I have in the last couple of weeks. Too hot. Kansas is apparently turning into a desert.

Behind Bars

Trobairitz said...

Hey a ride is a ride. Although I'd be reluctant to suit up for that short a distance.

Hope your weather cooperates and you ride this weekend.

I've threatened to cut my hair short again as it is so much easier under the helmet but I like getting my hair trimmed every 6 months instead of every 4 weeks. It grows so super fast it is ridiculous.

ToadMama said...

Brady, impact wasn't too awful. It was very quick. But your advice was certainly good advice!

Brandy, I didn't suit up. I could get there and back twice in the time it would have taken to gather and don the stuff. Plus, max speed on the whole route was 25. And I was very careful.

My hair grows super-fast too. Yet another thing we have in common. :-)