Friday, June 15, 2012

The Family That Rides Together

Now that we live so close to Skyline Drive, I'd really hoped to pop over and see the Mountain Laurel in bloom. I understand it makes for quite a show.

Although it typically blooms during the first week of June, I figured There might still be some around on June 10.

I figured wrong.

Thanks to a very unseasonably mild winter, the stuff bloomed much earlier than normal. So I missed it. But it was still an interesting ride.

The day was forecast to be hot, so I left the house before 9:00. The Emporium, seller of antiques made daily, hadn't yet opened for the day. I am going to have to go back there one of these days. Not just to see the new antiques (now there's an oxymoron!), but to check out the "complete rest room."

Really. I wonder what makes it complete?

I parked my bike in that spot so I could get a shot of the sign I posted yesterday. Notice how far the bike is leaning? I almost didn't get it off the side-stand when I was once again ready to roll.

Thanks to some brute strength on my part, I did manage to get moving again. When I arrived at the park entrance -- Skyline Drive is in Shenandoah National Park -- I was mentally kicking myself for not having retrieved my entrance pass from my purse during the previous stop. Of course, my purse was in the trunk, so I had to pull over.

I was kicking myself again when a group of Harley riders lined up at the entrance while I was getting things in order.

Oh well. It was a pretty day and I was in no hurry, so I just lined up right behind them.

That's when I noticed the passenger in the way-back position on the last bike to the right.

Did you notice him at first?

Here's a better look...

His Mom, who was riding the bike to the left, saw me taking pictures. She told me his name is Bailey, thinking maybe I could get his attention for a full-face shot.

He was having no parts of that.

So the little girl helped me out.

His doggles were a tad askew, but still. How cute is that?

One never knows what one will encounter on the road.

Even if I did miss the laurel, it was still a lovely day.


Deb said...

Oh, my, I WANT a pair of those goggles for my Maxi so I can take her along!

Back to the THAT the kind of crowd you encounter on Sky Line Drive all the time?

ToadMama said...

Deb, that was a very small crowd on a not-very-busy weekend morning. SNP is the closest national park to the DC Metro Area, so it can get quite crowded. Especially on weekends. And doubly so during Spring bloom time and Fall leaf peeper season. Skyline Drive is one of those "name" roads motorcyclists flock to. In my opinion, it's overrated. The scenery is pretty, but for riding, neighboring roads that parallel the Drive and/or snake through the surrounding area are just as nice if not nicer because traffic is so light.

Trobairitz said...

Okay, so your last photo made me do a double take. At first glance I thought someone had colored a frog on the pavement. Then I had another sip of coffee and realized it was a sticker on your windscreen. Nicely done.

And what is a complete restroom. One with a roof over it? A door to each stall perhaps? Tank and basin for the toilet so you can flush? Hmmmm.

That little doggie on the bike is so cute. I am surprised he handles the doggles that well. At least he gets to go along for the ride. He looks happy.

bobskoot said...


don't you just hate it when you are first, then you forgot something and end up at the back.

If my bike is leaning over on a bad angle, it takes a lot of force to make it vertical. I am careful to choose my parking spot when I stop

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ToadMama said...

Brandy, your comment made me laugh. It takes me a while to wake up in the mornings, too. And I'm thinking "complete" may mean cots. Or at least recliners. Maybe even bathtubs? The latter two would never be used by me though...

ToadMama said...

Bob, I'm usually more selective, too. But the photo op distracted me. It only takes one time getting "stuck" in an otherwise innocuous spot to learn that lesson. LOL.

Deb said...

Wow! I am so used to riding "desolate roads" out here that I would never have thought about crowds like that.

It just never occured to me!

Maybe "complete" means they have flush toilets instead of chemical ones?