Monday, June 11, 2012

Change of Scenery

Saturday's weather was perfect for a motorcycle ride (mid-80s and low humidity). And since we had no other plans, we figured we'd better take advantage of it.

That morning, we decided Hubby should plan a route.

"Which way do you want to go?" he asked me.

"Any direction but east," I said.

He laughed as he observed that West seems to be a reoccurring theme with us. Of course, that's where the mountains are.

Hubby decided to be different and do a Piedmont tour.

Here's a screen shot of the map for you. We did it in a clockwise direction. He said he basically just dropped in a series of waypoints and let the GPS plot our course. Perhaps that's why we had such a diverse journey.

It was amazing. As you'll see in the slideshow I embedded below, we traversed a wide variety of roads and terrain. We saw some very cool scenery, too.

We even saw three very unusual things, as you'll see in the pics that follow the slideshow.  

One of the unusual things we encountered was a beekeeper.

At first glance, I thought it was an astronaut. I mean, it looked like an astronaut. I didn't actually think, "Oh, hey, look. There's an astronaut in that field beside the road in the middle of nowheresville Virginia!"

We've passed hives before, but neither of us had ever actually seen a real, live beekeeper.

Sorry I didn't stop for a real pic. I was afraid I'd spook the bees or something and get the guy stung.

Another unusual thing was this cool, old bridge.

You know I had to Google that, right?

According to a Wikipedia post, it's called the Waterloo Bridge.

The current Waterloo Bridge was constructed in 1919 by the Virginia Bridge and Iron Company. A one lane, steel bridge, it is said to be the second oldest such bridge in Virginia. The bridge, costing $7,050, was paid for by the counties of Fauquier, Culpeper, and Rappahannock as a means for local farmers and merchants to deliver goods to market.

Here are a couple other shots of the bridge...

Neat, right?

Now for THE most unusual thing. This last one caused a true WTF moment for each of us.


You do remember that we live in horse country, right?

We're used to seeing horses. And cows. Goats, sheep, and even alpacas are pretty common. But check out this guy.

Yep, a zebra.

Hubby was so shocked, he actually stopped and asked, "Do you need a zebra picture?"

What was I going to say? No?

I did start to try and figure out why there's a zebra there. But sometimes, it's better not to have an explanation. I'd rather just think it a totally weird, random thing and be done with it.

That spotting sure made the ride memorable.

For dinner, we decided to experiment and try the local seafood joint.

Steamed blue crabs are very common in Maryland. Not as common in Virginia. They're weren't very big, but they had a good flavor. So we'll have to get crabs from there again when the big ones are available.

And for a perfect ending to an already perfect day, we hit the local ice cream shack for dessert.

Those are funnel cake sundaes. Freshly fried funnel cakes topped with powdered sugar, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry.

They were OMG delicious.

I'll never be a skinny chick... but who cares, right?

What's the oddest thing you have seen while riding?


Trobairitz said...

What a great day of riding. All those green fields and blue sky.

And how cool is it that you saw a zebra? That is like when we saw the outdoor camels in Salem. They just make you think WTF?

Ummmm that dessert definitely looks awesome. Now I'm hungry.

bobskoot said...


I LOVE CRABS, sorry for shouting. While we are on the coast they are very expensive. the last time we bought 3 crabs it was over $50. and I notice you have around 10 crabs on the table

Riding the Wet Coast
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ToadMama said...

Brandy, I forgot about your camels! So you know exactly how we felt. :-)

The ice cream sundaes were really fabulous. Sorry to make you hungry!

Bob, wow, $50 for THREE!?! The crabs we ate were Blue Crabs. Can you get those there? Or do you usually eat Dungeness Crabs? I think Dungeness crabs are more expensive out here, but even Blue Crabs, which can be caught locally when populations are up, are expensive. We bought medium-sized crabs on Saturday, which are cheaper than the larger ones. They were $40/dozen. The big ones, to take home and eat, usually run about $75/dozen. Order them in a restaurant and you'll pay about $90-$100 or more per dozen. When I was a kid, you could get a whole bushel of crabs (5-7 dozen, depending on size) for under $50! It's expensive, so we don't eat them often. We were just tickled to find decent crabs (prepared the Maryland way) in Virginia.

SonjaM said...

Skinny chicks don't get to enjoy good food. Their loss! The sundaes look oh so yummy!

A zebra, eh? I wonder what it's story is... maybe adopted from a zoo that couldn't keep it?

Brenda said...

What an awsome ride, it had a bit of everything!!

Loved your slideshow to Kathy.

I think the zebra had run away from home, he'd jumped on a boat and been travelling for days to visit relatives in a land far far away ... he's lost now but he's sure there's someone on his scent! So he was hiding behind a barn ....

ToadMama said...

Brenda, your story made me laugh. Thanks. :-)

That does sound very plausible...

Deb said...

This is MY kind of ride! What a great adventure! Loved the photos and video too! So talented, you!

Years ago I lived in Virginia in the Yorktown area and we enjoyed crabs at a co-worker's house on Gloucester point. They would spread them out on a long table and we'd all sit down and go at them, tossing the shells aside as we cracked and ate while swilling beer. Good days!

I have seen zebras twice in Ohio. Like you, first time I almost ran off the road! What is that horse doing in pajamas?! LOL

Thank you for the tour...enjoyed it immensely!

Andrew Thomson said...

Hmmm, yes that Zebra was a fair way from home.

Strangest thing I've seen is an Emu on the road (they are not native to NZ but some are farmed here), it was running up the road in front of us.

I've also seen strange things while riding in the wee smalls but not sure if they really existed...

motoroz said...

That look like a great day of riding. The zebra had to be an eye catcher.

Fuzzy said...

"What was I going to say? No?"

I actually HEARD that when I read it and it sounded flippin' funny :oD

LOVE the zebra! Someone I follow on Twitter spots Zebras on a farm in California, too. Maybe they're getting trendy? :)