Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Brush with Fame

I can't believe I forgot to mention my brush with fame in yesterday's post about Mother's Day. Because it was on Mother's Day that Pamela over at Helmet or Heels posted my profile.

Pamela, a rider herself, thought it would be cool to interview and post profiles featuring lady riders that she knew. It was such a cool idea, and so well-received, that it's grown.

Through the series, she's meeting more and more women, like me, who also ride.

After I posted a comment about one or more of the profiles, she asked me if I'd like to join the fun. Of course, I agreed.

That's how my profile came to be.

The full name of her blog is Helmet or Heels: I'm Comfortable in Either. You should pop over and give her blog a read.

It's been fun reading about all of the different women. Some I've known through their blogs for a while. Others I'd never met, but expect to learn more about, thanks to Pamela.

One thing I did not mention in my profile, but should have, is that while I taught myself to ride initially, I also took an MSF course before taking up riding again. I already had my license, but hadn't ridden for about 12 years. Hubby, who'd ridden before, had never gotten a license. We bought our bikes in October of 2000 and were just able to squeeze into a session. It was quite enlightening and I highly recommend it for anyone that is learning to ride.



Trobairitz said...

Weird to be kind of famous isn't it? Your name in lights, er, I mean pixels.

I think Pam's series is a wealth of information. It really does show the wide spectrum of ladies that ride, how they ride, what they ride, and a peek into their personalities. Good stuff.

ToadMama said...

This fame stuff is pretty hard to get used to! LOL.

I've really enjoyed seeing the pics of the ladies and all of the different motorcycles as well as reading the profiles. It's nice to prove the stereotype wrong. You know the one... it's a lady rider? She's probably a lesbian. Phooey to that!

Deb said...

Some might be lesbians...who cares? Aren't we over all that in 2012?

I too am enjoying the daily exposure to women like myself who love to ride. I note that so far I have not seen a scooter rider, only motorcyclists. Have I missed something?

ToadMama said...

Deb, I certainly don't care about a rider's orientation, I just mentioned it because it's one of those stupid lingering stereotypes. Fortunately, I don't hear it often.

Send Pamela an e-mail mentioning that scooter riders have been overlooked. I'm sure she'd be happy to feature you, too.

ToadMama said...

Hey, I forgot you were profiled a while ago. You meant OTHER scooter riders. LOL.