Saturday, May 5, 2012

IFRD Ride Report

This morning, as I slaved away at my desk, I was quite dismayed to see it getting dark outside. And windy. I could feel the temperature dropping, too.

I'd been so excited about actually getting to leave work a bit early that I forgot to check the weather report.

It wasn't looking good.

 That was pretty early though. I was hopeful that things would clear up.

Things looked marginally better an hour later. I didn't check again until right before we left, and this is what I saw...

Much better, eh?

I had to put the gear on, clean the windshields, and the face screens. Oh, I had to do a couple other things for work, too. So it was a bit after 2:00 when we actually departed.

And off I went.

I was quite tickled to see another woman rider within a mere three blocks from our house.

The ride was going well, but the skies looked awfully threatening. There was this one stretch of road I was determined to hit while we were out there. My thought was to do that segment, stop where there's usually a pasture full of cows (or steers, I still don't know the difference), take some pics, and then head back.

When I mentioned turning back, Hubby said, "Why?"

The sky didn't look too ominous in that direction.

In front of us was a 'nother story.

Good thing we weren't going to ride across that field.

And wouldn't you know there wasn't a cow to be seen? No steers either!

Things weren't looking so good to the right either. And that's the direction we were headed.

As an aside, that's Hume Road. It's the sort of county road I refer to as a "putt-putt" road. Not because you have to go slow -- the speed limit is 45 -- but because I like to putt along looking at cows, barns, flowers, houses, creeks, etc. Just scenery in general.

Back to the ride report. Wanna guess what happened next?

This picture says it all...

At least we got a couple hours of nice riding in before the rain started. It was warm and we have rain gear, so no biggie.

I'm just glad the bumper sticker I finally applied right before we left is still sticking. :-)

Even a shortish ride in the rain is better than no ride at all, right?

Here's a map of the route if you're interested.


Trobairitz said...

Short rides are better than no rides. I am glad you got out for a ride even if it did rain and the cows didn't come out and play.

Love the bumper stick.

ToadMama said...

Thanks, Trob. I agree that even a short ride is welcome!