Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Three-hour Tour

Hubby and I actually got to ride together the other day (Sunday). The weather was a gorgeous sunny and about 80 degrees. Saturday would have been equally as awesome for riding, but we had to attend a surprise birthday party for a very good friend instead. It was so worth it, too.

Anyway... I let Hubby map-out the route and lead for a change. A nice change, I should say. Sometimes it's nice just to follow without having to expend much mental energy on wayfinding.

I had the helmet cam rolling the entire time. Excluding stops, which were few. I have a Tachyon helmet cam. It works okay. It'll work even better once I get the position properly adjusted (someone forgot to mark the position on the helmet last year...). Except for the fact that there's no rhyme or reason that I have figured out to the order in which it stores images. So you end up with thousands of images all out of order when you are done. I think I need to invest in a different set-up. Time to go back re-read Bobskoot's camera and mounting posts! :-)

Helmet cams are cool, but you end up with literally thousands of images that pretty much look the same. It takes forever to scroll through them all. I did pick a few to share, so you can see a bit more of the countryside, but the images I shot with my point-and-shoot camera when we stopped for lunch are far more interesting.

Like this one...

We were in Culpeper, Virginia, which is about 20 miles or so south of Warrenton. I believe this strange blue woman was in front of a chocolate shop.

I found it interesting that the main shopping drag in "downtown" Culpeper looks a lot like a western town. I thought so, anyway.

We had a very mediocre lunch at The Smokehouse, which is next to the train station in Culpeper. The building looked cool from the outside. And the inside was okay. But the food was just so-so. Like Hubby said, any restaurant that serves previously frozen crinkle-cut fries can't be good. Really. Are real potatoes that difficult to work with?

I think that old hardware store is a restaurant. Or maybe a general store with a cafe. We didn't look very closely.

The old church was cute, too. But there was no good camera angle that let you see beyond the trees.

Since it was a nice day, there were lots of other bikes out and about.

We stayed in the foothills for most of the day. Hubby didn't enjoy the roads all that much, but I did. It was a pretty ride. It's true that there weren't a lot of elevation changes or challenging twisties. But it was lovely nonetheless as you can see from the images I have posted below.

I'm still loving Virginia.

A day on the bike in nice weather, mountain roads or not, is still a good day, right?


bobskoot said...


It was refreshing to see your scenery, and some of your roads. I notice NO shoulders ! It makes your roads appear narrower than ours.

I have noticed that many riders leave their video rolling the whole time which makes for a long, boring video. I read somewhere that snippets are better with short segments. So I have experimented with snippets (short 20-30second segments). My last group ride video was done this way comprised with lots of "short segments" transitioned together. When I get my second Cam, I will also start changing viewing angles.

It's nice not always having to lead

Riding the Wet Coast
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Trobairitz said...

Yay, what a great day. I love puttering in the back so I don't have to worry about where to go. I just follow along enjoying the ride.

The 'lady' in blue reminds me of the interpreter we use to talk to our clients sometimes. It made me smile.

The roads look nice for puttering along. It is great to see the pictures taken every so often to see how the roads meander.

I wish we'd have had a camera set up on our ride. I must be patient. Our new GoPro HD (recommended by Bobskoot) was delivered Monday and now we just need to buy an SD card and figure it out.

SonjaM said...

Lovely scenery. Reminds me a bit of my homeland. I admire the quality of your roads, and everything in the town looks spick and span. Looks like a great outing.

Fuzzy said...

What a sweet looking little town. Places like that always make me feel like I'm "away." They're so far removed from my immediate surroundings.

Love the fading ads from the hardware store!

Glad you and the Hubs are finally getting some time to get out and stretch your legs a bit. Virginia suits you :)

ToadMama said...

Bob, I am so used to not having shoulders on the back roads that I never thought much about how narrow they look, but you're right. I tried the video feature of my camera first. It's cool but does take HOURS to go through cut snippets, edit, etc. Poring through thousands of photos, all out of order, is bad enough! Trob, I wish you would have had your camera set up, too. It looked gorgeous! Sonja, the hills do look a bit like the Bavarian countryside. And surrounding areas. When we were tooling through Luxembourg and Belgium last year, I was surprised how American it looked. Fuzzy, the blue lady made me think of you. She wasn't big, but she sure was odd.

Fuzzy said...

"She wasn't big, but she sure was odd."

Um... thanks? LOL!

ToadMama said...

Fuzzy, "odd" is good! But I didn't mean you are odd, you just like to take pictures of some odd, but fun, stuff!