Friday, March 16, 2012

Twiddle Dee Dee

One of my blog pals on the Wet Coast, Trobairitz of Trobairitz' Tablet fame, decided to do a Patiently Waiting for Spring Challenge. Unlike us folks in the East, they've had some really crappy, wintry weather.

Here, it's Spring. There, it's snowing.

She's got cabin fever, apparently. Bored at work one morning, she started photographing herself. (Oh, come on. You know you do it, too!) That led to her inspiration to challenge others to stoop to her weird level photograph themselves, too. And then post it on their blog.

I decided to play.

I took this pic earlier today. I swear. It may look like a repeat, since K is on my lap. But, the thing is, K is on my lap a lot. At least twice a day, sometimes more, she needs to have some Mama Luv.

And when K needs her Mama Luv, she NEEDS her Mama Luv.

Even if Mama is already busy giving love to a different pooch.

I wasn't going to post that last shot because it is, shall we say, less than flattering. But I think it's funny how K just climbed into my lap and lay half on top of Meg. I'm telling you, the girl is a cuddler.

And that's it for my PWFS entry.


bluekat said...

lol - I bet as soon as you sit down they're right there jumping into your lap! :) Very cozy.

Shybiker said...

Very cute. You're a work of art now!