Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pretty in Pink

There's a pink Dogwood tree catercorner and across the street from my house that's been blooming for a few days. Every time I see it, I think, "Oh, what a pretty shade of pink!" This morning, I had some time to spare on the way to the post office, so I grabbed my camera and walked that way.

Apparently, I wasn't the only creature admiring the tree.

The soft, early morning light really made the pink look vibrant.

Well, hello, friend kitty.

Really, don't you just love that pink?

It's a shame those trees don't hold their flowers longer.

Our weather has been rather odd lately. Rainy at times. Cold, too. It got down into the 30s the other night.

And the grand kids were here this past weekend. Which was great. 

We haven't done much riding of late. But we will soon.

I hope.


Trobairitz said...

A dogwood and a kitty. That is a bonus for sure.

Dogwoods are so pretty when the bracts come out. I love all dogwoods but the pink are prettiest. We have 4 dogwoods in our yard, but none are showing any signs of color yet.

bobskoot said...


The Dogwood tree is the official Tree of British Columbia. They are protected, cannot be cut down, etc., but I only notice white ones, Not Pink.

I suppose that's why Trobairitz has 4 in her yard, she is homesick

Riding the Wet Coast

ToadMama said...

I had to look "bract" up. That's a term I'd not encountered before.

Bob, I think I read somewhere that the white ones are natural and the pink ones are hybrids. In the woods in this area, all you ever see are white ones. The pink ones are only ever found in people's yards. I'd love to have one in my yard, but at least there are plenty in the neighborhood for me to admire.

Trobairitz said...

Hubby worked in the nursery industry and I think it was he that told me the "flowers" on the dogwoods weren't blooms but bracts. Or at least he corrects when when I call them blooms. Just spreading the word, lol.

And Bob, how can we be homesick with all this rain?

VStar Lady said...

Blooms or bracts - they are beautiful (and glad kitty thought so too.)
I've nothing in bloom yet (motorcycles included, but am hopeful).