Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Signs of Spring

Oh, happy day. It really is Spring!

Just look in the candy aisle at the local Wal-Mart. What will those crazy Peeps folks think of next?

Now where are those Mary Sue Easter Eggs? That's a Baltimore thing. Fortunately for me, they are now sold as far south as Warrenton, Virginia! So far, I've only seen them at the Safeway. They had small ones at CVS. But I'd really like a one-pound vanilla butter cream egg.

And check out the flower bed in front of The Fauquier Bank.

Before I could put my camera away, I saw this blooming yellow tree on the little square next to the bank. Don't you just love the color of the blue sky in the background?

I had lunch at the Berryville Grille the other day. I made lunch of an appetizer called, Three Little Pigs. Who could resist with a name like that? It was VERY tender shredded pork served on mini buns with Carolina sauce and slaw. YUM.

I actually stopped in Berryville hoping for a nice, French pastry at Bon Matin. But they were closed. (I wrote about them on my other blog a while ago.)

That yellow thing was parked outside when I exited. Would you call that a motorcycle? A trike? I just don't see the appeal in those things. And they aren't cheap either.

Berryville, Virginia is about halfway between the WV Place and our home in Warrenton.

View 2012 - Hibernation's End in a larger map

Are you wondering yet what I was doing halfway between the WV Place and home?

Hibernation has come to an end! Yippee!!!

I took a very circuitous route, too. And Leeds Manor Road? One of the roads I have been REALLY looking forward to riding on the bike? It was all I had hoped it would be.

Had I not sucked down two large glasses of soda during lunch, I would've stopped to shoot more pictures. Let's just say I was very happy to see the "OPEN" sign in the window of this darling little market.

I stood in the parking lot, enjoying a Choco-Taco, smiling from ear-to-ear. It is just such a pretty place. Even if things are still brown...

I am really very happy to have the bike safe at home. It was a lovely ride. Sunny and temps in the mid-60s.

Life is good.


Trobairitz said...

Hooray for getting the bike out of hibernation. Sure looks like great weather.

I'm jealous as I watch the snow fall. Of course it isn't sticking, but still. Ick blah.

Those Peeps are almost as colorful as the flowers. Great finds.

bluekat said...

Peeps. Must be time for the annual Peeps research page... (evil laugh)

I'm not crazy about trikes either, but if it keeps a rider on the road, then that's a good thing. :) I plan on going with a 4-wheeled convertable if that time ever comes.

Pretty pretty scenes on your ride. So nice to see some blue sky! It must feel great to have you bike safe at home and close at hand for your next ride!

SonjaM said...

Love the blue and yellow theme in the pics. Bring on spring!

Andrew said...

I hate it when spring springs in the Northern Hemisphere...

ToadMama said...

Trob, the weather has been delightful. Now if only I didn't have to WORK for a living.

Bluekat, yes it's nice to have the thing close at hand. I'll have to check out the Peep research.

Sonja, I hadn't even noticed a blue and yellow theme, but you're right. :-)

Andrew, why do you hate northern hemisphere spring? Because we all can't seem to shut up about it? Or because that means Fall for the SH? Or maybe both? LOL