Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grocery Run

It was my turn to cook dinner this week. Having been rather uninspired food-wise of late, I didn't plan very well.

So, when I finished work at 5:00 (on time for a change), I had to make a grocery run. It was a nice day. So that 1.2-mile trip to the store turned into about a 50-mile ride.

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Really. My house is near the letter E on the map and the grocery store is at D.

But it was a NICE day!

Hubby was working in his workshop when I left. Or so I thought. Turns out he was only "playing." So he was upset that I didn't invite him along.

I was only going to the grocery store, though. Next time, I'll ask.

That's not an old house. I just thought it looked pretty with the flowering trees.

Guess what I found next...

Yep, cows.

You know how I love cows. (Please ignore the one dead-center who I think was telling me to piss off.)

I noticed this view in the mirror while stashing the camera in the tank bag after the cow shot.

I snapped that image during my last stop. The road (Crest Hill Road) is rather straight-looking there. But don't let that fool you. It was full of twisties.

That's not the scene that made me pull over.

This was...

That was shot at Crest Hill Road and Hume Road (point C on the map) looking west.

Nice, eh?

I'm thinking I may need some more groceries today...


Trobairitz said...

Isn't that the only time hubbies want to go grocery shopping......on two wheels.

Looks like a great ride. Beautiful scenery, sky and cows too, even if one was 'pissed' at you.

Doc Rogers said...

The one that looked pissed was the "sentry" cow ... always on the lookout for potential "cow tippers" ... guess you looked suspicious ... LOL ... thanks for the great read!

Fuzzy said...

If my trip to the grocery store looked like this, i *might* actually like going!

The light in the last photo is really beautiful.