Friday, February 10, 2012

Unsolved Mystery

Some of you may remember my post from a few days back that featured blurry pics of an abandoned something. We can't tell if it is a motorcycle or a moped.

I did manage to capture some images of slightly better quality, but I still have no idea what the thing is. I'm thinking a pimped moped. Or maybe this is a stock moped from back in the day?

Based on the skimpy chain and tiny front wheel, I'm leaning toward a moped. But who puts crash bars on a moped? I guess the same sort of folk who put flames on their mini-van.

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Jon Risor said...

looks like a china special

Trobairitz said...

I too was surprised by the crash guards.

Wonder if someone will ever pull it out and see if they can get it running.

bluekat said...

and the mystery thickens :)

GLantern said...

I'm going with a small 50cc moped. The kickstart makes me think that as well.