Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trolling Along

So what does one do when one's motorcycle is in hibernation and moto photos are needed?

Trobairitz left a comment on yesterday's post that described it exactly. One goes trolling.

Remember, I am participating in Fuzzy's #29in29 challenge (pic a day for 29 days).

Seeing as how it was 70 degrees here yesterday, it was a great excuse to stroll through town during my lunch hour. I stopped at my favorite bakery for an iced coffee and a coconut walnut muffin. Then I headed down Main Street to see what sort of bike shots I could capture.

I thought for sure I'd see some lined up at the curb while their riders ate lunch at one of several nice restaurants here in town. But there weren't. So I continued on to the courthouse, which sits atop the hill at the intersection of Main Street and Alexandria Pike / US-211B / US-15. From there, you get a nice view toward the mountains.

View from in Front of the Old Courthouse
It was the perfect spot. Or so I thought. I could see a good distance down Alexandria Pike / US-211B. And that street to the left is actually US-17B / Winchester Street. Keep in mind, US-211 is the road that leads to the Thornton Gap entrance to Skyline Drive and US-17 is the route to Front Royal, the northern end of the drive.

There I stood, daydreaming in my own little world, sipping my iced coffee, when I simultaneously noticed something out of the corner of my eye and sensed something was amiss. It seems my standing in that spot was stopping traffic. Not because I'm super-hot or anything. Just because I was sort of close to the crosswalk.

Crazy, eh?

I was at least five feet away, and not even looking at or lined up as if heading for the crosswalk. You can't even see the crosswalk in that photo! But Warrenton is a very pedestrian-friendly town. If most people think you might want to cross, they stop just in case. Really. I literally had traffic stopped in both directions.

I sheepishly waved everyone off then went on my way.

Of course, just about then, this guy rode past...

Catch #1

He's headed out of town on 211. Care to guess where he's probably going?

On my way back down Main Street, I still didn't see any bikes parked. No one was riding on Main Street either. Of course, just as I decided to cut up a side street, this guy motored past.

Catch #2

I do realize none of these images will win any photographic awards. But at least I was out there shooting.

Finally, as I walked back toward my house, this guy rode by.

Catch #3
He's very color-coordinated, but missing half of his gear.

No Earth-shattering or awe-inspiring images, I know. But I'm glad I was out there. It was an absolutely fantastic day.

Check out Fuzzy's blog to see what everyone else was able to capture.


Trobairitz said...

Great job getting out and trolling and capturing 3 bikes with the lens.

Note to self - don't pause near crosswalks, lol. Can't we think of you as smoking hot and stopping traffic instead?

bobskoot said...


Wow, 70°F and no bike. We are getting frost tonight.

Riding the Wet Coast

Fuzzy said...

Love the muffler man masthead <3

This winter has been so crazy, hasn't it?

Maybe the bike images aren't earth shattering BUT.. you got out, went for a walk, thought about riding, held up traffic... I'd call that a win :)

ToadMama said...

T, if you insist on thinking of me as smoking hot, that's cool. Just remember it was your idea when you see a picture of the real me!

Yeah, Bob, it's tough. But then, I do have to work, so it's probably better this way.

Yes, Fuzzy, this winter has been nuts. You're right about getting out there, even if it is on two feet.

ToadMama said...

Oh, Fuzzy, I forgot to mention that I got my rotating headers working again. It's sort of random as to what you'll see when you visit. I haven't seen the muffler men myself for a while!