Sunday, February 5, 2012

Size Matters

Day five of Fuzzy's #29in29 challenge (pic a day for 29 days) and I am still going strong. Or at least I am still going.

It's funny what you notice when you really take the time to look.

Like this cute little motorcycle.

It was parked at a local restaurant. There was no For Sale sign, but there was a full-sized helmet on the handlebars.

This thing was pretty small. Look at the size of the helmet in proportion to the front tire.

Even a smallish adult would look silly on this thing.

I just wish I'd gotten to see the rider. That, I think, would have made for a funny picture.


Trobairitz said...

Yes, in this case size probably does matter. Me thinks if it was a large rider the bike just wouldn't be going as fast when it putts down the road.

Seeing bikes by themselves sometimes makes me wonder about the owner too.

SonjaM said...

Looking at the size of the helmet and the smallish bike I wonder if it is a dwarf (is it politically correct to say that?).

I once met a couple of small people in Zion National Park on mini cruisers just right for their size.

Adrian from YouMotorcycle said...

Hey ToadMama,
I selected this pic for part of my #29in29 Week 1 Favorites - you can see the others here:
Stay tuned for more as I'm about to choose a favorite from your Week 2 posts!