Monday, February 20, 2012

A Real Driving Tour

The last several days have been busy ones. Wednesday and Thursday were completely consumed by work. Even into the evenings. Well into the evenings, actually, meaning I worked LONG days. That's what happens sometimes when you have to meet a deadline and things don't really come together until the very end.

Friday at work was a bit of a catch-up day. Shortly after five, I hopped into the truck and drove north into Maryland for dinner and a sleepover (as the grand kids refer to overnights) with my daughter, Amy.

Saturday morning, after breakfast and a few motorcycle shots with the kids, it was off to visit my parents. Then I went to pick up my mother-in-law (MIL) who is going to be staying with us for a few days. After a stop at Costco to stock up on some stuff, we didn't get back to Virginia until just before dinnertime.

Sunday was quite a bit more relaxing. After a nice, big breakfast of spinach-feta bread (from Great Harvest Bread Co.), over-easy eggs, and bacon, the MIL and I set out for a little driving tour.

We headed southwest out of Warrenton on Culpeper Street, which becomes CR-802/Springs Road not far outside of town. It gets really rural pretty quickly.

Because this was a discovery tour, we turned off onto several side roads to explore the countryside. This is a very pretty area. Even in winter when stuff is all brown. I can't wait until spring when things green-up.

I'll have to return to this spot to get a picture of the absolutely gorgeous, old manor home that sits close to this pond. As you can see, it was quite picturesque.

We saw lots of horses -- this is horse country -- but we also saw a lot of cows, too.

Check out the two cows in the center of the frame above, behind the little black one, butting heads.

That one was being a bit vocal.

As usual, the cows were staring at us. I just think it's funny how they stare you down when you stop to look at them.

That tannish-colored one seemed particularly interested in us. So did its pal to the right.

It even started "talking" to us.

We were going to say "moo" back, but decided to leave well enough alone and go on our merry way.

A short time later, we saw this grumpy-looking one sitting on a hill.  Really, doesn't it look angry?

I prefer this shot of the grump and a couple of friends with nothing but sky behind them.

You should have seen that brown cow whip its head around to look at us when we stopped. It was quite comical.

After a bit, we came upon this red church. It's the Jeffersonton Baptist Church. I can't remember ever having seen another red church. My MIL says a lot of churches have red doors, but she was surprised to see a red building, too.

Now, I don't usually find churches particularly interesting, but I had to do a U-turn to capture a couple shots of this one.

I can't remember having seen a country church with this particular architectural style either. According to the church's web site, it was built in 1842 "in the early Gothic revival style." The parish itself was established in 1769.

That's another spot I think I may return to for more pictures.

The Leeds Church wasn't far from Markham, which is where I managed to capture the only motorcycle-related picture of the day...

Even if the sky was a bit overcast, both of us enjoyed our driving tour.

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Trobairitz said...

Wow, you've been busy. It is good to have time to visit with family though.

It looks like a nice drive through the country. Maybe the cows didn't look happy because they didn't want their picture taken. Bad hair day perhaps?

The red church is an oddity. I wonder why they picked red. Make sit seem more like an old school house. Maybe that is how they lure unsuspecting folks into going to church:

"Oh look honey a school, and so many cars, we should stop and see if they are having a bake sale"


Dar said...

The one cow looked like he was going to ask you to give him money for taking his picture. lol I thing grumpy cows can be dangerous, you just don't want one of those babies charging you. The churches look so quaint!

ToadMama said...

Trob, I like the idea of tricky churchfolk.

Dar, I am definitely wary of moody bovines. I was shooting from the other side of the fence in the safety of my truck. :-)

bluekat said...

Great trip report! We raised cattle when I was a kid. Yes indeed, they stare at things all the time. It never seemed intimidating, more like extreme curiosity. I too like the pic of the cattle on the hilltop, but that one is still giving you the stink-eye!

Interesting and unusual architecture on the church. I wouldn't have thought it was that old. Nice find.

SonjaM said...

You seem to be able to stay busy in a good way, and still getting around. Lovely countryside.

Trace4J said...

Great post. Beautiful cow photos too.
Just love all their different expressions.

ToadMama said...

Bluekat... so maybe that saying is supposed to be, "curiosity killed the cow"?

SonjaM, wait til things get green around here. It gets much prettier.

Trace... you just may be on a cow hunt with me soon, so I am glad to hear you enjoy them, too! LOL.

Fuzzy said...

Love that the moto works is keeping the history of their building alive <3

Are cows open to hugging? They're really cute :)

ToadMama said...

Fuzzy, I'll let you test that hugging question for us. Just be sure to let us know the result, okay? And make sure someone is around to take pictures!