Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Mountains Beckon

All of you West Coasters will probably laugh at my little mountains. Your mountains are far grander, I know. But, little or not, these are still mountains. And where there are mountains, there are twisties.

I do like twisties. Sigh...

Every time I see that view, I think of riding in the mountains. And how cool it is that we now live so close to the mountains. And how much fun we're going to have when it warms up, and stays warm for more than a 24-hour period, and we get to explore this new state we're in.

I know I posted a similar picture before, but that's a new one. I shot it this morning while walking the dogs. I made sure to take my camera to capture a few Valentine's Day window displays before the shopkeepers put the St. Patrick's Day stuff out.

I love looking at all the window displays in the shops. Warrenton really is such a cute little town.

The gourmet dog food store, which I still haven't entered, has a display that catches my eye every time I walk past.

It's been a busy day and, even though it's almost 9:00 PM, I still have work to do. Which is why I'm so late with my post, by the way.

Be sure to visit these other bloggers to see how they are doing with this challenge. I'll have to catch up with everyone tomorrow.


Trobairitz said...

Nice to see you are having some sunshine.

I think your mountains look about like what we have with the Cascades. After growing up around the Rockies our 700 ft pass on the way to the coast here feels like a bump in the road.

SonjaM said...

I don't mind the gently shapes hills, where I grew up we called 900ft bumps in the road a mountain...
One day I will need to visit your neck of the woods.

bluekat said...

I definitely hear that view calling me to ride along! Beautiful day for a ride!

Dar said...

I will go anywhere there is a twisty to ride, they are intoxicating. Your mountains look pretty cool to me. Spring is in the airy and warmer weather will be here soon!