Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mooooving Right Along...

The title of yesterday's post (Milking It) got me thinking about cows.

I like cows, too. Lucky for me, I like frogs more. ToadMama is a much better moniker, I think, than MooCowMama. Or any similar cow-themed variation. 'Cause no woman likes to be called a cow.

Anyway... this is day 14 of the #29in29 challenge. And since I already did a really long post on my other blog, which took a long time, I'm going to dip into the archives for the first time this month. And use someone else's picture.

But only because it is motorcycle- AND cow-related.

I do have cow material in the archive, though.

Heck, not that long ago, I did a whole post about cows.

Oreo Cows (my favorite)
Here's a shot of my old bike with some cows in the background.

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Trobairitz said...

Cows and motorcycles, there's a combination. And to actually see a cow motorcycle is a sight to behold, lol.

bluekat said...

I've seen some strange motorcycles, but this takes the cake! I like the oreo cows too!

Dar said...

HOLY COW!! That is one moovelous bike! how does it do in hairpin turns?

SonjaM said...

Now I am in the mooood for a glas of milk.

Fuzzy said...

I kinda love that the Cowasaki is wearing clogs :D

ToadMama said...

Yeah, the clogs and the udders just add a special touch to the mooood. :-)