Monday, February 6, 2012

Love That Carousel

It's day 6 of Fuzzy's #29in29 challenge (pic a day for 29 days). I sure hope we get some more nice weather so I can keep stalking riders with my camera.

Local riders are anxious for Spring for two reasons. Warmer weather for riding is, of course, one reason. The second reason is Carousel.

This local favorite is located at the intersection of US-211 and US-29 in Warrenton. You can't miss the building. It's the white one with the bright pink awning and hordes of people outside.

There aren't always crowds, but it does seem to stay busy. I've only ever had the ice cream, but they have hot dogs, french fries, and a variety of other snack fare. You'll want to save room for the ice cream, though. It's delicious.

My favorite indulgence last season was a funnel cake sundae. They make the funnel cake right there, sprinkle it with the usual powdered sugar, add a dollop of delicious soft-serve ice cream, and whatever topping you choose. I opted for the classic hot fudge. Then they top it all off with whipped cream and a cherry. Y.U.M.

Carousel opens on March 17 this year. They may only accept cash, so make sure you have some with you.

Hope to see you there!


Trobairitz said...

Cool picture. Great job catching a motorcyclist and the Carousel in the same pic.

You are having great luck stalking/trolling for bikes. I'm not having as good of luck and have had to resort to non moto pics and it's only the first week, sigh.

GLantern said...

And I thought I was hungry already, I really could go for that funnel cake sundae!

bobskoot said...


all we get up here is Dairy Queen & Baskin Robbins. They're good but now I want to try Carousel.

Riding the Wet Coast

bluekat said...

Oh yeah, my kind of place - Sounds Yummy!

Fuzzy said...

"funnel cake sundae"


That sounds so good!

For someone who isn't riding you sure don't seem to be having any trouble coming up with photos! I knew you could do it :)

ToadMama said...

Trobairitz, that was pure luck.

As for the taste, it really is delicious. Sorry to make y'all hungry.

Fuzzy, it's been a challenge. Let's see how long my streak lasts...

Adventures as a Small Town Mom said...

Funnel cake sundae sounds so good right now!