Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Let the Planning Begin

A couple of years ago, Hubby and I did a motorcycle trip of a lifetime. We spent a week on an Edelweiss tour riding through Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. After that, we visited some friends for a few days in Switzerland. Then we went to Belgium to spend the second half of our final week with friends there.

Those Belgian friends, Annelies and Yves, are the same folks we spent two weeks with last Fall, touring a bunch of US national parks in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. Since they were here in 2011, it's our turn to make the trek to their neck of the woods in 2012.

I'm supposed to be planning the trip, but I have NO idea where I want to go. Somewhere in Europe, so it's not too expensive for our friends to meet up with us. I keep thinking Norway. Or Italy to ride through the Dolomites. But then there's all that amazing country in Spain. Heck, I'd be thrilled to do Austria and Germany again...

Time to put the trip planning hat on. Any suggestions?

While you're thinking about it, be sure to visit all of these other bloggers who have almost completed the #29in29 challenge.


Trobairitz said...

Wow, so jealous. I read about the tours and think they would be so much fun.

Hmm, I am partial to Italy or Scotland. I think both would be amazing, not only for sights to see, but great roads too.

Dar said...

I would love to go to Norway, a twitter friend of mine posts his ride videos and it looks beautiful over there. Gorgeous picture you posted!

SonjaM said...

Difficult question. Personally I would love to revisit Northern Italy, and then meander West along the Mediterranean Sea... Monaco, Nizza. Cannes, and hit the Provence, plus include the French Alpes into the trip.

Scandinavia is pretty too, but the landscape is quite similar to areas in Canada.

If you are inclined to go North... how about Wales, Scotland, Ireland?

So many choices... enjoy the planning!

Fuzzy said...

What a gorgeous pic.

No idea, huh? I think what you mean is.. you have no idea how to narrow it down to "a place" ;)

ToadMama said...

Trob and Sonja, Scotland and Ireland are definitely on the "possibles" list. Especially since they speak English (sort of). But they are expensive. Dar, thanks. That meadow is in Germany, near Neuschwanstein castle. Fuzzy... you hit the nail on the head. It's the narrowing down that is killing me.