Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If You'd Like to Make a Call...

I went out to dinner with my daughter, Amy, on Friday.

The company was good. The food was mediocre. But look at this delightful thing I spotted in the restaurant's lobby.

A rotary-dial pay phone. The toll was $0.10.

I should have tried to make a call, but it was about midnight when I saw the thing. I didn't think anyone I knew, locally anyway, would still be awake.

Functional or not, seeing it there still made me smile.

It's day 21 of the #29in29 challenge and I am still going strong. Or at least still going.

I can't promise any motorcycle related posts, but things should definitely get interesting here in a few days as I'll be heading north to spend time in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with two of my girlfriends.

I'm pretty sure you'll see at least one more cow picture. I bet you can't wait, right?

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Trobairitz said...

Wow, I wonder what year that phone is? Pretty cool.

And I like cow pictures. Does that make me odd? We need more cowbell.

ToadMama said...

Trob, if that makes you odd, I'd say we are in good company!

Shybiker said...

I'd be very surprised if it was still functional. I was saddened to see payphones disappear from public; the few that remain cost a fortune (like 75-cents).

I'm emotionally attached to rotary-dial phones because it wasn't long ago we used them. I want to put one in my living room, as sculpture, simply to feel good about a technology eclipsed by "progress."

Dar said...

I haven't seen a phone like that since I was a kid! I kind of miss the old rotary dial phones.

bobskoot said...


What am I bid for a rotary phone, I think I still have one in a box of stuff I was going to throw away, only mine doesn't have those coin slots. I remember phones before dials, you had to speak your number to the operator who asked, "Number Please . . ."

Riding the Wet Coast

ToadMama said...

I sort of miss them, too, Dar.

ShyB, that would be a cool object d'art. Maybe Bobskooot can hook you up!