Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Think It Fits Me

I almost had to dip into the ole photo archive this morning. It wasn't because I didn't get out there and try to take a picture to share with you. Really. I even walked the girls around town this morning hoping I'd capture at least one hardy soul (or their parked vehicle) that had braved the sub-freezing temperatures to ride today.

Wouldn't you know the one diehard I always see riding around rode past my house just as I was hanging up my coat? Sigh...

Then it hit me. I could take a picture of the very cool birthday card I got from my brother and sister-in-law. It's one of those cards that has my name all over it.

Seeing as how my nickname is ToadMama, I think it fits me. What do you think?

Click the #29in29 tag above (the purple circle with words in it) and to jump to Fuzzy's blog post to see what the other #29in29 challenge participants captured today.


Trobairitz said...

Happy Belated? Birthday Toadmama. Yes I definitely think the card is fitting.

Funny how they always seem to make a card for everyone.

Our rains are back here so it is hard to find new pictures that are moto related.

ToadMama said...

Thanks, Trobairitz. My big day was on Monday. :-)

Maybe you could photograph your rain gear?

bobskoot said...


Happy belated BIRTHDAY !

even though you don't keep track anymore

Riding the Wet Coast

GLantern said...

Happy birthday! Talk about a perfect card!