Thursday, February 23, 2012

Granpappy of Farkles

I just happened to be looking through old pictures yesterday when I came across one I am pretty sure I never posted.

And guess what? It's motorcycled-related.

Hubby and I saw this parked outside of the Diary Queen in Romney, West Virginia one day last summer. I'd never seen one before.

At first, I thought they were pulling a mini go cart. Then, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a trailer.

It's cute and all, but it doesn't seem very practical. I mean, if I had to lug a trailer behind me, I'd want there to be more cargo space. Then there's the price-tag, which is $3,000 or so. Really.

I even found a website in case you are interested in buying one.


But I imagine it does get folks talking. 

Is it worth it?

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Trobairitz said...

Me thinks someone is into hot rods. That must be the only reason to buy a trailer like that, lol.

It looks like a matchbox car. I guess that is the point. Good find.

Dar said...

Toadmama - Wouldn't you call that a 'Carkle'? lol. It would be nice to have extra moolah laying around to spend it on a carkle. I think there are other farkles I would much rather have. It's cute though.

bobskoot said...


for that kind of moola, I would expect double the storage, maybe even triple. It should at least be big enough to hold a body.

Riding the Wet Coast

bluekat said...

I've seen a few of these types of trailers, and a few creative sidecars too. Catchy and cute, but probably not too practical.

Fuzzy said...

Um... :blinks: