Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Famous" Amos

This post is especially for Fuzzy.

She's got a thing for odd roadside attractions.

Especially large things. Like Amos...

The weather here in Lancaster County today was cold. And very windy. We pretty much hurried from one store to the next. But I braved the elements for this photo op with Amos.

He stands in a restaurant parking lot near Strasburg. That's one of our favorite shopping areas.

We also had to visit Intercourse, which is one of the oddest named towns ever.

I didn't get many pics today. We were too busy shopping.

I have to tell you how I found Amos. I didn't even know he existed. But when we were leaving Burger King on Thursday, I saw a picture of him in their lobby.

"Oh my God, look!" I said to my girlfriends.

"What?"they replied.

"An Amish Muffler Man. I have to find him."

They thought I was nuts.

I Googled "large amish muffler man lancaster" and found him.


They didn't get it. But Amos was more than happy to give me a high five when we met.

Too bad I didn't have my bike along.

Only four more days left in Fuzzy's #29in29 challenge. Don't forget to see what others have been capturing.


Trobairitz said...


What a great find.

Dar said...

I think your bike would have looked awesome right in front. Amos appears to have lost his shoes.

bluekat said...

Now I've seen everything...Amish muffler man! lol

Fuzzy said...

YAY!! He's great!

"They didn't get it"

I hate it when that happens :) Did they eventually concede to his greatness?

Amos has some seriously big dogs. And well groomed toenails!

ToadMama said...

Yes, they did. One girlfriend had gone home by the time we went to visit him. The one who shot the pic wants to sneak back at night and paint his toenails. They like the big guy, they didn't get the "Muffler Man" reference. I had to explain.

bobskoot said...


Amos is my kind of barefoot guy. You are getting braver, thank you for posing on his foot. I think it's great that we know what each other look like

If I had an Amos outfit, I would have posed beside him too

Riding the Wet Coast

ToadMama said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting so much, folks. This challenge has been fun!