Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hubby and I aren't what you might consider to be "joiners." We don't belong to any clubs, motorcycle-related or otherwise. We're not big on attending a rally. Heck, we don't even do much group riding. (The fact that we don't belong to a club, attend rallies, etc., may have something to do with that group ride thing, eh?)

But when we bought our BMWs, we got memberships to the BMW Motorcycles of America (MOA) club. We haven't gone to any local meetings, we didn't attend the national rally, even though it was relatively close to us, and we don't know any other folks in the area that might want to ride.

I did just renew our BMW MOA membership, however. For two reasons, really. One, the cool monthly magazine. And two, the Anonymous Book.

That's a BMW rider's little black book of like minded individuals all over the country willing to lend assistance, meet up, give advice, etc. It's a great tool to have. Especially considering how off the beaten path us riders tend to get.

My renewal packet arrived yesterday. Complete with patches and stickers.

I was happy to see the little helmet sticker. I didn't get one of those last year.

I'm easy to impress. :-)

I'm also quite susceptible to earworms.

My first thought for a post title this morning was "We Belong." Which, of course, made the following song come to mind. (Folks who grew up during the 80s are particularly at risk of catching this one.)

That song is going to be stuck in my head for HOURS. You'll have to let me know if you caught it, too.

Don't forget to see what my blogger pals are still capturing as February winds down.


Shybiker said...

BMW MOA is one of the best groups out there. As you note, the magazine is worth reading and the annual rally is fun. I've been to two.

ToadMama said...

Had they not taken the stance they did regarding the member complaining about "catering" to homosexuals, I would have quit in a heartbeat. It's refreshing to see a group stand up for what is right.

Trobairitz said...

Oh sure, now the song will be stuck in my head while getting ready for work.

I think all group organizations can have pros and cons. Luckily I belong to none. Although Troubadour does belong to the local RAT pack (Triumph owners group).

I am glad you got your helmet sticker. Sometimes it is the simple things that tickle us the most.

Dar said...

I don't belong to anything like that other that TWF forum and alumni group from my riding school.

I love Pat Benetar! I have some of her albums on my ipod. Great for exercising too. I need to start that up again.

SonjaM said...

I still keep my membership in BMW MOA although I ride a Harley... I just love the monthly magazine, and yes there are still those patches on my jacket.