Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The #29in29 Movement

My favorite motorcycle blogger, Fuzzy, of fame, has issued an invitation/challenge for the month of February.

She's going to try her best to post one picture every day for the entire month of February, trying to make each shot at least somewhat motorcycle-related. And she's invited other moto bloggers to join her in her quest.

She kept the rules very simple. The one rule, which isn't stated but simply understood, is to link back to her blog so other participants can see what each other is up to.

Sounds like fun, right? With my bike still hibernating in the mountains, it'll be challenging. But I also think it will be refreshing to do a bit of thinking outside the ole box to see how I can capture motorcycle-related shots with no motorcycle!

Wanna see what hibernation looks like?

Now some folks clean their bikes very carefully before putting them up for the Winter. We are obviously not "some folks."

The point of #29in29 isn't to capture motorcycle photos. The point is to motivate people to take pictures and/or blog. February, while the shortest month in number of days, is typically the l o n g e s t month  for people like me in the more northern reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. It could be worse, I could live in Canada where the days are even shorter.

We've had an unusually mild winter this year. Yesterday's high was in the mid-60s. It's supposed to be like that today, too. As I told Hubby last night, it's probably a good thing the bikes are in a different state or I'd probably be playing hooky today.

See what other folks are doing for their first #29in29 post by visiting Fuzzy's blog.


Shybiker said...

I like creative photos like this one. Good job.

It was 60 up here in NY yesterday, too, so riding was nice. My friends with their bikes stored away are kicking themselves.

Trobairitz said...

Kudos to you for taking this on.

I saw the challenge on Fuzzy's blog, but between full-time work and home renovations I just don't have the time to do a pic a day. People would get tired of seeing my bike in the garage during the week and only out on weekends.

Although I could troll downtown for bikes on my lunch break........

Can't wait to see what pics you come up with.

Fuzzy said...

Well done, lady!

So - i can't tell from the pic, but there must be something on the bikes that helps you and hubby tell them apart. What is it?!

ToadMama said...

ShyB, I'm kicking myself hard.

T, I was doing some of that trolling myself today!

Fuzzy, the license tags. They're actually sequential, but mine ends in a "1" because, like I always tell people, I am number 1. :-)

I told the guys at the dealership about 5 times to make sure they put the right plates on the bike registered to me. I need to stick a frog or something on there...

SonjaM said...

Great to have you in the challenge. 28 more to come!

Andrew said...

Hibernations is just wrong! I feel for you...

Fuzzy said...

>>Hibernations is just wrong!<<

What he said! ;)

You know, now that you mention it - i can't believe you DON'T have a toad on your bike!

GLantern said...

I like that you don't clean your bikes too! I generally do the same thing and whenever I think about cleaning I instead go for a ride and hope it rains a bit haha