Monday, May 9, 2011

Victory Police Guy Mystery Solved

So yesterday as Hubby and I were riding north through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel to go visit the Moms, we saw this guy on a sweet-looking Victory Police motorcycle. He wasn't a local officer. In fact, he wasn't even wearing a uniform, which we found sort of odd.

I was driving. I know Hubby likes the Victory Vision. I'm not a fan in general, but I have to say, this police bike was PRETTY.

I rode beside the guy for a bit. Then I ended up ahead of him. I moved over into the right lane and then he rode past us on the left.

"Where's he from?" I asked Hubby.



"Yep, that's what the tag said."

"What's a policeman from Arizona doing riding north between Baltimore and DC?"

I knew there had to be a story behind it. In fact, I said that exact thing.

"There's got to be a story behind that one."

I half-jokingly said to Hubby, "Want me to follow him to ask him what his story is?"

Being it was Mothers' Day and all, we visited the Moms. But you know what? I still got the story.

As it turns out, Victory Police Motorcycles is a company founded in part by the owners of Arizona Victory. You can read all about that if you follow that link.

So I'm guessing the Victory Guy we saw is either a policeman or deliveryman riding the brand-new Victory Police bike from Arizona to its new home, wherever that may be.

I don't like the Vision. Really. But I'm telling you that was a nice looking bike.

Check out some Victory Vision Police Motorcycles for yourself.

You can even watch a video or two...

First, a brief and not hugely exciting light display.

Next, some crazy cone dodging that you just have to see.

Victory may just be the new gold standard in Police motorcycles. What do you think?


Shybiker said...

Several manufacturers make bikes for police, including Kawasaki and BMW. I think the BMWs are the best from a technical perspective. Never heard of a Victory police-bike: thanks for the info and links.

I share your opinion about Victory motorcycles in general. Polaris has deep-pockets so they'll be around for years.

My dad was a motorcycle cop for several years before being promoted. Of course, he rode a Harley police bike. I have a picture of me sitting on it when I was about five years old.

Trace4J said...

I think you need a VICTORY bike..:)
Then Carol and I can make yu a cone course on our next