Sunday, April 3, 2011

Points to Explore in 2011

As I wait, not so patiently, for the weather to turn and all of our niggling little DIY projects to be completed, I can't help but think about all of the local places I want to explore this year. Local as in somewhere in MD, WV, VA, or PA.

I really am excited about this blog, which I have pondered for awhile, and am anxious to actually get out there and find some new stuff to share with you. Not that the places I've already discovered aren't interesting. I just want to see new stuff or revisit some of our favorite places.

Anyway, I decided to start building a list -- and a map -- to show all of these places. They'll be featured in no particular order. The first spot, which I would've driven to yesterday if the weather hadn't looked like THIS, is Lover's Leap (Cumberland, MD).

Lover's Leap is a rock promontory overlooking the Cumberland Narrows. It's in Will's Mountain State Park (WMSP). Oddly, WMSP is shown on Google Maps as a state park. It doesn't appear as a state park on the Bing map, but a Bing search pointed to the location. It results in no Mapquest hits.  The MD State Parks web site doesn't even list WMSP.

This is why some of my blog posts take so much time. I had to know why WMSP isn't listed. But after about an hour, I gave up. That when I realized the following explanation would have to do for now: "The land is a mix of public and privately owned land but is not currently promoted for public use."

There's nothing hugely significant about Lover's Leap other than the fact that it's supposed to have some pretty nice views.

Check out this cropped screen shot of the terrain map and perhaps you can imagine why there would be good views.

 When I go, I'll have to drive to the end of Will's Mountain Road, which sits a couple hundred feet higher.

Here's a shot of the Narrows I captured last weekend from across town.

The town in the foreground is Cumberland, Maryland.

My Places to Explore 2011 map, which is in its infancy with just one point right now. But there WILL be more. Stay tuned...

Any cool spots in MD, WV, PA, and/or VA you'd like to recommend?

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