Sunday, March 27, 2011

Winter's Last Gasp

I sure hope this is the last we'll see of Winter.

I've been holed up at our WV place since Tuesday night with some friends of mine. It's that one weekend every year when we all just get to sit around and do whatever we want. Or nothing. The point is, it's what WE want to do, not what we have to do. There's no schedule. No pressure. Just lots of time for rest, relaxation, and catching up with each other.

This picture is actually from last year's trip (I'm on the right). We did take some group shots this year, but I'm pretty sure they might kill me if I posted them here. They're a bit goofy. Okay, a lot goofy. So we'll stick with this nice, sedate shot from last year's getaway.

We've all known each other for over 30 years. That's a long time! And we've been doing this annual weekend thing for about 16 years.

Until this year, we'd always gone to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we shopped far too much. This year, we all decided to tighten the purse strings a bit and head to the country.

This is the first time Carol (middle) and Tracey (left) have been here together (Carol visited a couple of years ago). Hopefully it won't be the last. We had a grand time.

We all lead pretty busy lives and don't get together nearly as much as we should. And when we do, it's very rejuvenating.

For the most part, Mother Nature cooperated. It's been cold, but otherwise nice. Until last night. We woke up to a light dusting of snow. It wasn't much. Just a dusting, literally. But I hope it's the last we see of Winter.

Here are a few images I captured over the course of this long weekend.

My dogs LOVE the WV place.

Spring is on the Way

Our World Today

Winter's Last Gasp (we hope)

New Growth

Come on Spring

While I am not looking forward to the drive home, I am looking forward to seeing my Hubby. The girlfriend getaway is always fun. But now it's time to go home and resume life where I left off.


Shybiker said...

Beautiful pictures. Did you get the dogs for the cute photo opportunities they create? Or is that just a fringe benefit?

Jack Riepe said...

Dear ToadMama:

I found this site through a comment you made on Steve Williams's Scooter in the Sticks blog. I was immediately fascinated by your brief bio, and came to take a look around.

#1 I run with a bunch of BMW riders, and we have made West Virginia our primary annual ride for a number of years now. The state is absolutely gorgeous, and one of the best-kept secrets of the lower 48.

#2 Conchscooter of Key West Diary once referred to me as Mr. Toad, in Wind in the Willows, so I added that moniker to my name as well. (I like to think he sees me as Toad, the hero, but I suspect its more like Toad the blow-hard and posturing dolt.) So how are you ToadMama?

#3 And then I was amazed to read you guys come up to Lancaster. I used to do an annual "Amish Horsepile Swerve Ride." Lancaster/Strasburg is one of our BMW breakfast warm-up runs.

#4 Red is the color os superior motorcycles.

Fondest regards,
Jack • reep • Toad
Twisted Roads — The Bermuda Triangle of Biker Blogs

ToadMama said...

Ralph, I got lucky with the dogs. They make me smile every single day.

Jack, I've been meaning to visit your blog. I enjoyed your epic DE adventure in the most recent BMWON. That's my kind of adventure!

I've always liked frogs and toads. By odd coincidence, back in the days of dial-up ISPs, mine happened to be When it came time to pick an AOL screen name, all my choices were taken. In desperation, I tried ToadMama. It was available and just sort of stuck.

I was actually born in Lancaster. I love the name of your PA ride!