Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Treat - Pack's

Hubby and I have charted a number of different routes to and from the WV place. A variety of factors are considered when trying to decide which route to take on any given day.

Do we need to stop for groceries on the way? Let's go through Cumberland so we can hit the awesome Martin's supermarket.

Do we need to stop for dinner? If we feel like Hardee's, we drive through Hancock. If we want Chick Fil-A (and it isn't Sunday) we go through Winchester or Martinsburg.

Do we need an awesome dessert? We have to drive down 522 near Winchester so we can stop at Pack's.

Pack's Frozen Custard
I don't know the difference between ice cream and custard. We've always referred to the stuff this place serves as ice cream, but apparently it's custard. Whatever you call it, we call it GOOD.

There are actually a couple Pack's locations that I know of for sure. One is on US-522 in Gainesboro, Virginia. The other is on US-50 west of Winchester, just east of Spinning Wheel Lane. As I was preparing this post, I learned that this other custard stand we have yet to try, which is also in Winchester but off of WV-7 just east of I-81, is likely also a Pack's. In fact, it may even be the original Pack's because the two we frequent are more like roadside ice cream (or custard) shacks.

Even if they do look like shacks, their soft-serve vanilla ice cream (custard?) is divine. Now, I'm no conisseur, but I know what I like. And this stuff definitely fits the bill.

Because I'm trying to actually share information via this blog and reveal all the special "secrets" of this area, I made you an Ice Cream/Custard Map (Winchester, VA). It shows the two locations we've tried that I know are Pack's, and the one off WV-7 that I believe might be a Pack's.

So, if you're in or passing through the Winchester, Virginia area, be sure to stop and sample the ice cream.

If you're familiar with the custard shop off of WV-7 that I suspect may be a Pack's, let me know.

Oh yeah, there's a Five Guys Burgers and Fries just west of that mystery custard shop on WV-7, too. So you could go there for a meal first and then head to the custard shop for dessert.

Do you have a favorite road-side treat?


bobskoot said...


unfortunately our ice cream places only have ice cream or Yogurt, NO custard for us. Not too many independant operators either, except for Dairy Queen. Most other ice cream is only available at McD's or A&W, or other fast food places.

You'll have to send some up

Riding the Wet Coast

ToadMama said...

Bob, that's a shame. Although if you've got Chick-fil-a fast food restaurants in your neck of the woods, their soft serve ice cream is quite good. The first time we were in the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon), we were amazed at the number of independent espresso operators. Here, we've got people selling ice cream, snowballs, and pit beef. There, it seemed to be espresso, espresso, and more espresso. Next time we go by Pack's, I'll have a cone for you.

bobskoot said...


NOPE, NO Chick-fil either. Only Kentucky Fried or Church's Chicken, other than A&W Chubby Chicken. Everyone up here are health conscious for more healthy choices. We have lots of Starbuck's, nearly on very corner and we are 150 miles north of Seattle.

Riding the Wet Coast

Trace4J said...

Just whatever you do..dont't eat with the junk man!! he has dirty dishes. lol
wishing I was in WV today!