Saturday, March 19, 2011


In Maryland, one of the surest signs that Spring has arrived, in addition to the Peepers, is when the Forsythia bushes bloom.

I'd noticed over the past week or so that my daffodils and tulips had come up pretty good. I don't think they're blooming yet. But then, I haven't actually looked. I'll have to do that tomorrow.

I was quite tickled to see a mass of daffodils in bloom along I-70 yesterday. I think it was around Mt. Airy, but I could be wrong. We travel that road a lot. It's all become a bit of a blur.

All I know is, those blooming masses of yellow made me SMILE.

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Trobairitz said...

Great picture of the forsythia. It is such a great time of year when all the trees, shrubs and flowers start peeking out and teasing us with the promise of warmer days to come. Happy Spring.