Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Peepers Are Back

I get excited easily. Especially when it's been a long, cold, dreary, cold, never-ending Winter.

Did I mention that it was long?

I know it's only March 1st, but guess what I heard today? I heard it last night when I let the dogs out, too. But since it was still technically February I was sure it had to be a figment of my imagination. Until I heard it again today. And then I knew.

I heard Spring Peepers.

Spring Peepers are to frogs what American Robins are to birds. They're the first harbingers of Spring.


Do you know what the Peepers sound like? I thought everyone did. (Of course, my nickname is ToadMama.) But when I said to Shannon, my oldest daughter, "I hear the Peepers," she looked at me like I was nuts then said, in a nice way, "I have no idea what that means."

Here's a Spring Peepers link for you. In case you don't know what they sound like.

Know what's weird? No, the answer is not ME.

We had three blizzards here in Maryland last winter. This year the snow has been pretty negligible. But it's been darn cold. And it seemed like once the cold hit, it hit with a vengeance. And it didn't break until just over a week ago. But even that was fleeting.

Of course, this past Sunday it got pretty warm, but Hubby and I were busily working away on our kitchen remodel project at the West Virginia place. The thing about that is, when the weather is REALLY nice, consistently, we won't have any pending projects hanging over our heads. And we'll be able to just get out there and ride.

If you're still curious about those frogs, here's a cute little slide show/video montage sort of thing someone else was kind enough to post on YouTube.

 Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go pop my head outside to see if I can still hear the Peepers.

That's not just frogs chirping. That's the sound of Spring. :-)


bobskoot said...


NO peepers up here, too cold I would imagine. We have to wait for the swallows or robins to announce the arrival of Spring, which is only 2-1/2 weeks away.

Riding the Wet Coast

SonjaM said...

For a moment I was thinking you were talking birds. Never heard of spring peepers before, thanks for the educational content in your posting ;-)
Thank God it has warmed up already and the dump of snow has gone away from our neck of the woods, but I am still waiting for some signs of Spring.

Hey, thanks for all the kind postings. Really looks like we could be soul mates.

Judy said...

Oh, reading this has me excited! I just cant wait for this long winter...yes, you mentioned it was long... to be over!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Happy Spring everyone!!!!!

Brady said...

Oh, spring is here... sort of. I'm all the way down in VA, but the weather is getting nice enough to ride. Put on another layer and get some quick rides in between the rain storms - Totally worth it. Granted, I'm from Minnesota originally and feel bad for giving up riding in December and January...

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