Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a Day for a Daydream

Look what is sitting in my garage.

Since yesterday, when we brought the twins home from the dealer, all I can think about are my favorite roads and how much more FUN they'll be on the new bike.

Grassy Lick Road: This has always been one of my favorite stretches of road, but now it's even more awesome because it got a fresh coat of blacktop during late-Summer 2010. For some reason, Hubby and I think it's more fun running it south to north.

Old WV-55: This stretch of SR-55 between Moorefield and Wardensville is a phenomenal stretch of road. But you have to be careful to stay on OLD 55. The Corridor H highway is the fast way between the two towns. OLD 55 is the FUN way. Trust me.

Jersey Mountain Road: Our favorite fun detour from WV-29 to US-50.

Those are just three little roads in West Virginia. There are many, many, many more.

Of course, it's more likely that I'll be doing most of my riding in Maryland. At least for the first 600 miles. We want to keep the bikes in Maryland so we can get them to the dealership more quickly when it's time for the 600-mile service.

There's a route from near BWI Airport area to Ellicott City our friend Barry Spice showed us years ago that we still like today. Although they're building more and more houses along College Avenue so I won't be surprised to see all of the fun stripped out of that road. This is one of those routes that feels very rural at times yet is surrounded by development.

The first nice day when I have a couple of hours to spare, I'll be hitting my favorite southern Anne Arundel County loop.

Oh, the possibilities...


Shybiker said...

Ooohhh, how pretty! I'll bet your petting and sitting on it while waiting for your dream-rides to begin. At least, I would! :)

ToadMama said...

I'm not sure about petting it, but I'll probably sit on it at least once. Or twice. :-)

Fuzzygalore said...

I'm super excited for you. I hope this puts a little extra spark into your ride.