Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama: Trees

One of my favorite bloggers, Fuzzygalore, hosts a photo meme periodically, which she calls her Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama. Her meme always has a theme. This time, it's trees.

She has some really cool ride pics featuring redwood trees. Really, check them out. Now, I knew I couldn't top redwood trees. But I thought certainly I have to have at least one motorcycle-related picture of a tree. Even if it's just a picture I took on a motorcycle trip that included a cool tree.

Nope. No trees. So I have to settle for awesome tree-lined roads.

Trout Run Road near Wardensville, West Virginia.

I discovered this road last year. Hubby and I had avoided it previously thinking, based on the map, that it was a gravel road. I'm glad I finally decided to check it out. It's a great little stretch of road. The kind you long for on hot, summer days... shady and cool. Unfortunately on that day it was also windy so I had to stay extra alert for downed limbs and small branches.

This is one of my all-time favorite roads. It's North River Road/CR-1 near Bean Settlement, West Virginia. Not only is it fun to say "I'm going to go ride through Bean Settlement," there's a farmer along here that keeps Oreo cows. They're not really called Oreo cows, but that's what I think when I see them.

Big and small Oreo cows near a tree.
Apparently a lot of other people call them Oreo cows, too, because "oreo cow" is a Google search term and the first hit is Belted Galloway Cows aka Oreo cows.

Do you have any motorcycle-related tree pics to share? If yes, you can play, too. Go to Fuzzy's post for the rules. And be sure to tell her you read about her at Appalachian Tours.


James said...


Trout Run Road looks like fun. Spring fever is going to hit hard this year. I can feel it already just looking at the pics in this meme.

ToadMama said...

I agree. It's already hit me!

Fuzzygalore said...

It looks like someone is peeking through the curtains on those 2 cows :)

Bean Settlement = great name!

Those meandering, tree-lined roads look beautiful. As my dad would say "good fer what ales ya."

Can we go ride them, like, right now? :)

ToadMama said...

Fuzzy, I wish we could. I forgot to add that the Oreo cow road ties into my all-time favorite road in our county (Grassy Lick Road), which was just paved late last year. That road has been calling my name for MONTHS.

Shybiker said...

Mmm... I love roads like this. They combine the beauty of nature, the serenity of plant and animal life, and the joys of riding. Perfect!

ToadMama said...

ShyB, I love these roads, too. That's another cool thing about WV. You have lots of roads like this connected to roads like US-50. So you get to zip along through lots of curves and twisties, then you get to putt-putt along and enjoy the scenery, then you get to zip along again. Ah, I wish I were out there now. :-)

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