Monday, January 31, 2011

West Virginia's Redbud Row

At the time of this writing, Hampshire County, West Virginia is under yet another winter storm warning. Sigh...

Maybe this quick glimpse of Spring will lift your spirits, too. Imagining any run on US-50 through WV makes me smile, but imagining a ride through this one particular spot in Spring even gives me the warm fuzzies.

There's a stretch of US 50 just west of Capon Bridge, West Virginia that's a must-see for us every Spring. For 1.5 to 2 miles, the road is lined on both sides with Eastern Redbud trees.

There's a reason for this, but dang if I can find out why (fruitless Internet search this morning).

Both Hubby and I look forward to seeing the Redbuds each year. Like Forsythias, they're one of the first signs of Spring. And, well, they're just pretty. Depending on the light, angle and distance from which you are seeing the trees, sometimes the flowers look purple, sometimes pink. They always look pretty though.

Eastern Redbud at the WV place.

Another shot of an Eastern Redbud.

Eastern Redbud looking purple.

Can you tell that I like taking pictures of them?

Along that stretch of US 50, there's not really a convenient place to stop. So I just shot a video as we drove by one Spring on our way back to MD from WV (that's why we're in the truck).

This is not exactly riveting, but it'll give you an idea as to just how many Redbuds there are. We're going at least 55 mph and the video is almost two minutes long. I could figure out the distance based on that information, but I hate math. Sorry. I hope you enjoy this look at Redbud Row...


Shybiker said...

Holy cow -- they ARE pretty! I love their color and appearance. Never knew their name before.

ToadMama said...

Yep, it seems a bit of a misnomer since they often look purple and pink. I really do love to see them in bloom. Discovering that spot was quite a treat. They don't last very long, though.

Fuzzygalore said...

Wow, beautiful. Do they have a scent?

ToadMama said...

Nope, no scent. But they have really cool heart-shaped leaves. Of course, you can't see them as you are cruising by. But I thought I'd mention it anyway.