Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lots and Lots of Cool Roads

Know why we like motorcycling in West Virginia so much? Cause it’s just a durn purty place. With lots and lots of cool roads like this that meander through the myriad mountains and valleys.

Hubby didn’t feel like riding one gorgeous Saturday in July 2009, so I went out exploring on my own. Which is why, even though I finally found a spot to take a picture of me and my bike in front of a field of cows, you don’t see me in the next picture.

Have I mentioned yet that I have a thing for cows?

Saturday was a very nice day weather-wise. A bit overcast at times, but pleasantly cool. It was so cool, I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and wishing every now and then for a jacket.

US-50 east of WV-42
This tiny spot on US-50 is one of the funnest in the area. Check out this map I made on Google. Make sure terrain view is turned on. Better yet, drag the little yellow guy over for a street view.


Fuzzygalore said...

The first photo in this set is just great. I love traveling along those small, lonesome farm roads.


Shybiker said...

Riding roads like this is my idea of Heaven. They are so starkly better than congested New York streets.

ToadMama said...

Fuzzy and Ralph, there are lots of these roads criss-crossing this and surrounding areas. I call them "Bob's Roads" after a similar reference in the movie, Twister. I'd love to take you both on a tour one day. There's a great mix of Bob's Roads and adrenaline-pumping twisties. I so cannot wait for Spring! It was 15 degrees when I took the dogs for their walk this morning...