Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Cannot Contain Myself

I am beyond excited and cannot wait one minute longer to share our exciting news.

I don't have any great shots to post yet, but I have to say... Hubby and I now have twins! And we are super excited.

Well, I might be a bit more excited than he is. But I'm the more excitable of the two of us in general.

I was going to wait until we brought the twins home post-delivery, but I can't. I am just too impatient.

Anyway... have any idea what I am talking about yet?

This isn't a great picture, but here it is...

Two brand-new motorcycles! Woo hoo!

I originally wanted an orange version (like you see in this picture), but we got such good deals on the blue twins that I couldn't justify the additional cost (about $2,000) for the orange one. But it ain't all about looks, baby. It's about the ride.

We got a great deal because our bikes are 2010 models. And the dealer needed to make room for the 2011s. They are exactly the same, except the 2011 also comes in orange.

The deal is done. It's official. We just haven't brought them home yet. The center stands still need to be installed. But they should be here by the end of the week.

Until I have better shots of our actual bikes to share, here's a stock image of the thing...

It's essentially the same bike we rode on our tour of the Alps, as shown below. Except it's a different, more awesome, shade of blue. And the stock image doesn't have the top and side cases.

Me with my rental in Germany, June 2010.

My rental was more of a royal blue. My new bike (doesn't THAT sound awesome?!?) is a darker, metallic blue.

I am so excited. Oh, wait. I said that already didn't I?

Now maybe you can understand why I want Spring to hurry up and get here!

I loved my old bike. I did. But it was more suited to cruising the open roads (that's why they call those bikes "cruisers") not tearing through tight mountain turns and traversing gravel roads. And since most of our riding is done in the mountains, and we always seem to find at least one gravel road while we're out exploring (not to mention the two miles of gravel inside our community), these bikes are just better for us. Hubby will get a big cruiser again one day. But for now, we'll be enjoying the heck out of these two, new, German-engineered, dual sport machines.

Woo hoo!


Shybiker said...

Hurray!! What beauties!

You'll love this bike. The superior engineering, the enhanced riding-capabilities, the opportunity to ride in various conditions. Great choice!

And that's my favorite color. Good luck!

motoroz said...

Congrats. That is a great looking bike and I have read a lot of good reviews on it.

Fuzzygalore said...

!! C O N G R A T S !!

Looking forward to all of your new rides and photos with your baby.

Wishing you miles of smiles~

ToadMama said...

Thanks Oz and Fuzzy. Now if it would only stop snowing, raining, and freezing!

ToadMama said...

I forgot to mention Ralph! Actually, I thought I replied to your comment earlier. I'd never ignore my most-frequent commenter. :-)

SonjaM said...

What a transformation: from cruiser to dual-purpose. I can assure you, that you will never look back ;-)